Wednesday, December 18, 2002

program eighty-seven
December 18, 2002

1. Machine Drum--berim [merck]
2. Jason Anderson--astronaut, astronaut! [k]
3. Sleep Station--chicago [eyeball]
4. Polaris--addicted [mute]
5. Wendel--the baseball card song [wendel music]

6. Parlour--distractor [temporary residence]
7. PS--three words [speechless]
8. Francois K. featuring Barbara Mendes--awakening [wave]
9. Electric Company--puunene [simballrec]
10. Minus The Bear--monkey!!! knife!!! fight!!! [suicide squeeze]

11. Cat Power--nude as the news [matador]
12. Spark--dream in 8 bit [n5MD]
13. Squarepusher--do you know squarepusher [warp]
14. Life In A Blender--mobile wash unit [fang]
15. The Oranges Band--my street [lookout]

16. Elf Power--shadows in vain [orangetwin]
17. Dave Holland Big Band--the razor's edge [ecm]
18. Cat Power--he war [matador]
19. Sybarite--secropia [4ad]
20. Kinski--point that thing somewhere else [sub pop]

21. Ladytron--seventeen [emperor norton]
22. Rilo Kiley--the execution of all things [saddle creek]
23. Saddle Creek Christmas Players--little drummer boy [saddle creek]
24. Mr. Scruff--vibrate [ninja tune]
25. Themselves--poison pit [anticon]

26. Rokk--patience [ubiquity]
27. Amon Tobin--hey blondie [ninja tune]
28. Orchestra Baobab--gnawoe [world circuit/nonesuch]

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

program eighty-six
November 27, 2002

1. The Spinanes--kid in candy [sub pop]
2. Little Wings--look at what the light did now [k]
3. Machine Drum--countchocula [merck]
4. Add N to {X}--take me to you leader [mute]
5. John Beltran--kiana [ubiquity]

6. The Sadies--monkey & cork [yep roc]
7. Sybarite--the fourth day [4ad]
8. Baxter--redemption [will not clear man]
9. Self--what are you thinking? [spongebath/dreamworks]
10. A Trillion Barnacle Lapse--privacy had a bad ticker [level plane]
11. Tino's Breaks--play a mambo [tino corp]

12. Over Night Low--the witch doctor [ace]
13. Smokey & Miho--bocoche [smokey & miho]
14. Midsummer--silent blue [sun, sea, sky]
15. The 6ths--pillow fight [london]

16. Longwave--pool song [fenway]
17. Future Bible Heroes--doris daytheearthstoodstill [instinct]
18.Gabin--doo uap, doo uap, doo uap [astralwerks]
19. True Love Always--give me the colors [teen beat]
20. Owen--nobody's nothing [polyvinyl]

21. Casion Vs. Japan--single variation of two [carpark]
22. Masters of the Hemisphere--the new commotion [kindercore]
23. Prefuse 73--last light [warp]
24. Sugarman 3 & Co.--country girl [daptone]
25. High Llamas--london [asphodel]

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

program eighty-five
November 20, 2002

1. Beat Conductor--lost lust [stones throw]
2. Yesterday's New Quintet--mystic brew interlude [stones throw]
3. Yesterday's New Quintet--knucklehead [stones throw]
4. Thievery Corporation--from creation [esl]
5. Recloose--ghost stories [planet e]

6. We Ragazzi--i can't stand up [self starter foundation]
7. Layo & Bushwacka--love story [xl]
8. Ladytron--commodore rock [emperor norton]
9. Signal To Trust--the spectacular [modern radio]
10. The (International) Noise Conspiracy--(i've got) survival sickness [epitaph]

11. John Beltran--bota foga [ubiquity]
12. Meat Beat Manifesto--dynamite fresh [run]
13. Lemon Jelly--return to patagonia [beggars]
14. Hot Water Music--trusty chords [epitaph]
15. Sebadoh--license to confuse [sub pop]

16. Boards of Canada--iced cooly [warp]
17. Royksopp--poor leno *jakatta mix [astralwerks]
18. P'Taah--apricot [ubiquity]
19. D.H.S.--suspended animation [tino]
20. DJ Shadow--100 metre dash [universal-island]

21. Derrick L. Carter--if i [classic recordings]
22. The Streets--has it come to this [locked on]
23. 2 Bad Card--noise polluters [on u sound]
24. Andrea Parker--elements of style [mo'wax]
25. Tosca--chocolate elvis [groovy gravy]

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

program eighty-four
November 6, 2002

1. Longwave--everywhere you turn [fenway]
2. Yeah!--rockstar [highlight]
3. Low Res--inverse shift [plug research]
4. Liars--grown men don't fall in the river, just like that [mute]
5. Rise Against--generation lost [fat]

6. Flin Flon--upper ferry [teenbeat]
7. Jets To Brazil--you're the one i want [jade tree]
8. Metro Area--pina [environ]
9. Tom Tom Club--96 tears [imusic]
10. Interpol--nyc [matador]

11. Marumari--indigo florist [carpark]
12. James K-Nine--live it up [gusto/ace]
13. Nightmares On Wax--bleu my mind [warp]
14. Hobex--soul food [tone-cool]
15. Waltel Branco--mr. lucky [what]

16. Swayzak--in the car crash [K7]
17. The Apples in Stereo--do you understand? [spinArt]
18. The Pacific Ocean--i'm part of everything again [teenbeat]
19. Badly Drawn Boy--using our feet [artistdirect]
20. RJD2--smoke & mirrors [definitive jux]

21. Radio Zumbido--radio solola [palm]
22. Meat Beat Manifesto--what does it all mean? [run]
23. Mr. Scruff--sweet smoke [ninja tune]
24. Polara--jetpack blues [susstones]
25. The Agenda--crash! crash! [kindercore]
26. Amon Tobin--hey blondie [ninja tune]

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Program EIghty-Three
October 23, 2002

1. Mr. Scruff--come on grandad [ninja tune]
2. Courtial--losing you [ubiquity]
3. Nightmares On Wax--bleu my mind [warp]
4. Former Friend--make it right [self-release]
5. Future Bible Heroes--doris day the earth stood still [instinct]

6. Yeah!--jippie yeah! [highlight]
7. Royksopp--remind me [astralwerks]
8. The Space Lady--i had too much to dream (last night) [gammon]
9. The Bronx--nervous energy [demo]
10. Rjd2--good times roll pt. 2 [def jux]

11. The All-American Rejects--swing swing [doghouse]
12. Bright Eyes--from a balance beam [saddle creek]
13. Amon Tobin--hey blondie [ninja tune]
14. Crashland--lemonade [smart]
15. The Soft Boys--unprotected love [matador]

16. Mr. Scruff--vibrate [ninja tune]
17. P18--oye mulata [tabata]
18. John Beltran--felicidad nova [ubiquity]
19. Midwest Product--pigeons [ghostly]
20. Ladytron--seventeen [emperor norton]

21. Ed Motta--un dom pra salvador [what music]
22. Urban Renewal Program--wylin out *instrumental [chocolate ind.]
23. James Yorkston and The Athletes--in your hands [domino]
24. Sondre Lerche--modern nature [astralwerks]
25. Wagner--smoke and the DJ [demo]

26. West Coast Revival--feeling alright [ubiquity]
27. Make Up--i am pentagon [k]

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Program Eighty-Two
October 16, 2002

1. Amon Tobin--cosmic retro intro outro [ninja tune]
2. Prince Valiant--backyard [bbe]
3. Fundamental--butter groove [self-released]
4. Future Bible Heroes--doris day the earth stood still [instinct]
5. His & Her Vanities--looking thru lab eye [science of sound]

6. Pill Module--wicked thing [demo]
7. Midwest Product--pigeons [ghostly]
8. The Instruments--sea chantey [orange twins]
9. Lemon Jelly--spacewalk [beggars]
10. The Highlighters--poppin' popcorn [stone's throw]

11. St. Etienne--got it together [astralwerks]
12. Arkestra One--skydiving [esl]
13. Blue States--studio 20 [esl]
14. Bright Eyes--from a balance beam [saddle creek]
15 Meat Beat Manifesto--what does it all mean [run]

16. Troublemakers--too old to die [guidance]
17. Soul Junk--ungst func slag collision [sounds are active]
18. Amon Tobin--verbal [ninja tune]
19. Hot Water Music--trusty chords [epitaph]
20. The Distraction--know your place [dirtnap]

21. Coco B's--big okie dokie [k double]
22. The Flaming Lips--in the morning of the magicians [warner bros]
23. Sondre Lerche--side two [astralwerks]
24. Recloose--ain't changing [planet e]

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

program eighty-one
October 9, 2002

1. Tino's Breaks--wicked insane evil dub [tino corp]
2. The Unknown--pad out [bbe]
3. Sondre Lerche--suffused with love [astralwerks]
4. Jets To Brazil--cat heaven [jade tree]
5. Beneath Autumn Sky--winter solstice [dublab]

6. Bright Eyes--from a balance beam [saddle creek]
7. St. Etienne--amateur [beggars]
8. Ed Motta--um dom pra salvador [whatmusic]
9. Nightmares on Wax--70s 80s [warp]
10. The Bronx--false alarm [demo]

11. The Distraction--what do you know [dirtnap]
12. Yesterday's New Quintet--i am singing [stones throw]
13. The Apples in Stereo--rainfall [spinArt]
14. Low--canada [kranky]
15. Radio Zumbido--radio solola [palm pictures]

16. Soulive w/ Talib Kweli--bridge to bama [blue note]
17. Karate--airport [southern]
18. DJ Shadow w/ Mos Def--six days [a&m]
19. Meat Beat Manifest--supersoul [run]
20. Phil Ranelin--wife *prefuse 73 mix [hefty]

21. Bright Eyes--bowl of oranges [saddle creek]
22. Hot Hot Heat--no, not now [sub pop]
23. Silent Film Stars--half [demo]
24. Aphex Twin--we are the music makers [pias]
25. Lemon Jelly--spacewalk [beggars]

26. Masters of the Hemisphere--the gauntlet [kindercore]
27. Tino's Breaks--doomsday dub [tino corp]

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

program eighty
October 2, 2002

1. Ray Barbee--a word aptly spoken [galaxia]
2. Tahiti 80--get yourself together [minty fresh]
3. Midwest Product--pigeons [ghostly international]
4. The John Wilkes Kissing Booth--motorcade [self-release]
5. Mark Robinson--dilated pupils [teen beat]

6. Dabrye--d-town tabernacle choir [east dev]
7. Carmel--nujazzkiller [fluid oz/ubiquity]
8. Urban Cuban--oye mulata [higher octave]
9. Gus Gus--david [moonshine]
10. Ladytron--black plastic [emperor norton]

11. Rilo Kiley--the execution of all things [saddle creek]
12. Shonen Knife--hot chocolate [big deal]
13. Rjd2--cut out to fl [definitive jux]
14. Prefuse 73--perverted undertone [dublab]
15. Of Montreal--jennifer louise [kindercore]

16. Future Bible Heroes--doris day the earth stood still [instinct]
17. Beat Conductor--lost lust [stones throw]
18. Jackpot--psycho ballerina [surf dog]
20. Radio Zumbido--radio solola [palm pictures]

21. Mr. Lif--new man theme [definitive jux]
22. Fuzz Townshend--funky delite [stinky]
23. Underworld--sola sistim [v2]
24. Thievery Corporation--all that we perceive [esl]
25. Aspects of physics--pulse width [imputor?]

26. Bright Eyes--from a balance beam [saddle creek]
27. The Apples in Stereo--do you understand? [spinArt]
28. Zuco 103--curso de reclamacao [six degrees]
29. Cassius--thrilla [astralwerks]

Saturday, September 07, 2002

program seventy-nine
September 8, 2002

1. Rjd2--the horror [definitive jux]
2. Orbital--chime [ffrr]
3. Tubeway Army--are friends electric? [beggars banquet]
4. Nightmares On Wax--say say [warp]
5. The Interruptor--inner city dub [tanty]

6. Kid Loco w/ Tim Keegan--if it's monday morning [astralwerks]
7. Mighty Six Ninety--screaming with the sun []
8. The Sunshine Fix--sail beyond the sunset [emperor norton]
9. Sammy--buckle-up sunshine [dgc]
10. Interpol--say hello to the angels [matador]

11. Doug Martsch--window [warner bros.]
12. The Boys' Star Library--sugar & water [bumblebear]
13. Sing Sing--feels like summer [manifesto]
14. Cornershop--funky days are back again [warner bros.]
15. Recloose--can't take it [planet e]

16. Slippers--beard and buttered corn [demo]
17. Funkadelic--if you got funk, you got style [funk mob]
18. Kettel--top space [reimer eising]
19. The Bronx--strobe life [demo]
20. The Flipsides--two weeks [pink&black]

21. Frank Black--california bound [spinArt]
22. Soul Junk--ungst func slag collision [sounds are active]
23. Ben Neill--bugfunk [six degrees]
24. Cujo--fat ass joint [shadow]
25. Hank Johnson--you lost your thing [goldmine soul supply]

26. Bentley Rhythm Ace--whoosh [astralwerks]
27. Counterfit--souvenir [negative progression]
28. Hot Snakes--xox [swami]

Saturday, August 31, 2002

program seventy-eight
August 31, 2002

1. Ben Neill--iceman [six degrees]
2. Rjd2--2 more dead [definitive jux]
3. Pill Module--wicked thing [demo]
4. Michael Hurley--negatory romance [trikont]
5. John Parish w/ PJ Harvey--airplane blues [thrill jockey]

6. Jazzanova--another new day [ropeadope]
7. Karl Denson--i want the funk [blue note]
8. The Polyphonic Spree--section 8 [good]
9. Single Frame Ashtray--the slip [already gone]
10. Midwest Product--pigeons [ghostly]

11. Cinerama--and when she was bad [manifesto]
12. The Poets of Rhythm--ham gallery [quannum]
13. Urban Renewal Program--wylin' out [chocolate industries]
14. Prefuse 73--desks.pencils.bottles [warp]
15. Maserati--keep it gold [kindercore]

16. The Ladderback--crib [bifocal media]
17. Pizzicato 5--love's theme *automator remix [matador]
18. Dark Globe/Boy George--autoerotic [kingsize]
19. McLusky--to hell with good intentions [too pure]
20. King Britt--philadelphia experiment [ropeadope]

21.The Fairways--winter song [dogprint]
22. Pfeuti--it's a bust [oh!tonito]
23. The Black Watch--lovestruck [stonegarden]
24. Herbert--going round [K7]
25. Girlfrendo--happy days [march]
26. OO Soul--brothers & sisters [oosoul]

Saturday, August 24, 2002

program seventy-seven
August 24, 2002

1. DJ Nobody--ballorettes [ubiquity]
2. Underworld--sola sistim [v2]
3. Dabrye--d-town tabernacle choir [eastern developments]
4. Le Coupe--it'll never work out [shelf life]
5. Frank Black & The Catholics--california bound [spinArt]

6. Cornelius--drop [matador]
7. Gus Gus--unnecessary [moonshine]
8. The Poets of Rhythm--fondle rock [quannum]
9. The High Fidelity--luv dup [freedom in exile]
10. DJ Shadow--six days [universal-island]

11. Rjd2--2 more dead [definitive jux]
12. The Undertones--here comes the summer [ryko]
13. The Bodies--(take me out) tonight [tko]
14. Nerf Herder--welcome to my world [honest don's]
15. Prefuse 73--perverted undertone [dublab]

16. Beneath Autumn Sky--winter solstice [dublab]
17. Fat Jon as Maurice Galactica--i.dee [counterpoint]
18. Wussum*Pow!--twenty-four [omnibus]
19. Aspen--tips for beginners [surgery]
20. Lone Pigeon--old mr. muncherman [domino]

21. Snowglobe--playground [bardot]
22. Public Enemy--son of a bush [slamjamz/koch]
23. Troublemakers--too old to die *geisha remix [guidance]
24. Devil In A Woodpile--funky butt [bloodshot]
25. The Icicles--skater boyfriend [drive-in]

Saturday, August 10, 2002

program seventy-six
August 10, 2002

1. The Rattlesnakes--trojan horse [localhost]
2. Hot Snakes--XOX [swami]
3. Duralcha--ghetto funk [bbe]
4. Layo & Bushwacka--all night long [xl]
5. Split Lip Rayfield--the weasel, bean, frog & dog [bloodshot]

6. Prefuse 73--perverted undertone [dublab]
7. Mighty Six-Ninety--screaming with the sun [demo]
8. The Secrets--gather the troops [dangerfive]
9. Interpol--PDA [matador]
10. Dntel--(this is) the dream of evan and chan
*safety scissors spilled my drink mix [plug research]

11. Doleful Lions--surfside motel [parasol]
12. Marine Research--parallel horizontal [k]
13. Crispy Ambulance--re-animator [darla]
14. Frank de Jojo--turn off the lights [ubiquity]
15. DJ Shadow--six days [mca/quannum]

16. Meade "Lux" Lewis--jada [ryko]
17. Nightmares On Wax--ethnic majority [warp/matador]
18. The Ray Makers--moonflower [transistor]
19. The Realistics--it's alright, it's ok [demo]
20. Dabrye--prospects (marshall law) [eastern developments]

21. Soul Ecstasy--jungle lust [emperor norton]
22. Clinic--come into our room [domino]
23. Jim Roll--desperado in the parking lot [telegraph]
24. Koop--waltz for koop [jazzanova]
25. Jurassic 5--what's golden? [interscope]

26. Soul Junk--ungst func slag collision [sounds are active]
27. Daedelus & Frosty--the age of aquariums [dublab]
28. Scapegoat Wax--crawlin' [hollywood]
29. Q-Burns Abstract Message--this time [eighth dimension]

Saturday, August 03, 2002

program seventy-five
august 3, 2002
w/ special guests Chris & Lance from The Ray Makers!

1. Ugly Duckling--i did it like this [emperor norton]
2. The Tornadoes--love & fury [dmc]
3. Liquid Liquid--cavern [ffrr]
4. Marden Hill--hijack [stepping stone]
5. Havalina--space and mexico [tooth & nail]

6. DJ Me DJ You--please enjoy [eenie meenie]
7. The Ultra Wide Band--c.i.s. [kindercore]
8. Soul Junk--ungst func slag collision [sounds are active]
9. Dressy Bessy--i saw cinnamon [kindercore]
10. The Bodies--addicted to you [radio]

11. Explosion Robinson--chop cuts [slabco]
12. Lone Pigeon--beatmix chocbar wrap [domino]
13. Macha Meets Bedhead--you and new plastic [jetset]
14. Mark Robinson--peanuts & cracker jack [teen beat]
15. Daedelus--adventress [plug research]

16. Robokoneko--neko can dance [couchblip]
17. The Cinematic Orchestra--all that you give [ninja tune]
18. The Ray Makers--moonflower [transistor]
19. The Ray Makers--keno casino
20. The Ray Makers--xlarge theme remix [xlarge]

21. The Ray Makers--follow me [transistor]
22. Seksu Roba--intersexual overdrive [cdhw]
23. The Ray Makers--only shallow
24. The Ray Makers--what would you like to play *ursula 1000 mix [transistor]
25. Add N to (X)--metal finger inside ya [mute]
26. The American Analog Set--the postman [tiger style]

Saturday, July 27, 2002

program seventy-four
July 27, 2002

1. The Reindeer Section--the grand parade [bright star]
2. Dabrye--won [eastern developments]
3. Love Generation--groovy summertime [sundazed]
4. Prefuse 73--it never entered [warp]
5. Sparklehorse--gold day [capitol]

6. The American Analog Set--these days *amanset keystroke mix [tiger style]
7. Barcelona--west coast radio [pulCec]
8. Sonic Youth--plastic sun [dgc]
9. Lettuce--superfred [velour]
10. OO-Soul--operation get down [demo]

11. Death By Chocolate--el graphic [jet set]
12. I Am The World Trade Center--big star [kindercore]
13. Le Tigre--les and ray [mr. lady]
14. Tino's Breaks--starsky beats hutch [tino corp]
15. The Ray Makers--moonflower *baldwin bros. mix [transistor]

16. Bis--don't let the rain come down [spinArt]
17. Fairview--right now [demo]
18. Zumpano--oh that atkinson girl [sub pop]
19. The New Pornographers--the body says no [mint]
20. Nathan Haines w/ Shelley Nelson--believe *kenny dope mix [chillifunk]

21. Kinky--ejercicio #16 [nettwerk/sonic 360]
22. Daedelus--adventress [plug research]
23. Soul Coughing--blue eyed devil [warner bros.]
24. Mum--faraway swimmingpool [fat cat]
25. Mum--today i'm 9 [thule]

26. Pepe & The Bottle Blondes--cuentame que te paso [geisha boy]
27. Ray Barbee--let's perservere [galaxia]
28. Fundamental--super sopno [demo]
29. Scapegoat Wax--crawlin' [hollywood]
30. Kraftwerk--pocket calculator [elektra]
31. TTC--nonscience [big dada]

Saturday, July 20, 2002

program seventy-three
July 20, 2002

1. The Bronx--the strobe life [demo]
2. The Normal--t.v.o.d. [mute]
3. The Ray Makers--moonflower [transistor]
4. Other Desert Cities--i will lay down [velvet blue]
5. Dabrye--prospects (marshall law) [eastdev]

6. Aloha--they see rocks [polyvinyl]
7. Mark Mothersbaugh--mothersbaugh's canon [hollywood]
8. Darkleaf--spanish fly [ubiquity]
9. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings--what have you done for me lately [daptone]

10. Emery--walls [live on Play It As It Lays]
11. Emery--to whom it may concern [live on Play It As It Lays]
12. Emery--untitled [live on Play It As It Lays]

13. Scapegoat Wax--crawlin' [hollywood]
14. Arlo--little american [sub pop]
15. Reclinerland--they allowed me to carry on [lelp]

16. Emery--always depends [live on Play It As It Lays]
17. Emery--shift [live on Play It As It Lays]
18. Emery--the secret [live on Play It As It Lays]

19. Luke Vibert | BJ Cole--party animal *mr. scruff mix [cooking vinyl]
20. Mum--green grass of tunnel [fat cat]
21. Shakeyface--crazy, crazy like a fox [quartermass]
22. Wheat--don't i hold you [sugarfree]
23. Cave In--stained silver [bmg japan]

24. Spoon--small stakes [merge]
25. Gus Gus--desire [moonshine]
26. Volume All*Star--compound elements [slabco]

Saturday, July 13, 2002

program seventy-two
July 13, 2002

1. The Undertones--here comes the summer [ryko]
2. Sonic Youth--plastic sun [dgc]
3. Bis--make it through [spinArt]
4. Ko-Wreck Technique--metro dade *luke vibert mix [chocolate ind.]
5. Fundamental--super sopno [self-released]

6. Stymie & The Pimp Jones Love Orchestra--fan club [matador]
7. Hot Snakes--suicide invoice [swami]
8. Pixies--break my body [spinArt]
9. The Flaming Lips--do you realize? [warner bros.]
10. The Cannanes w/ Explosion Robinson--you name it [slabco]

11. Ursula 1000--tigerbeat [esl]
12. DJ Shadow--fixed income [mca/quannum]
13. Death By Chocolate--while i'm still young [jetset]
14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs--bang [touch and go]
15. The Cato Salsa Experience--i can give you anything [emperor norton]

16. Beachwood Sparks--galapagos [sub pop]
17. Daedelus--muggle born [plug research]
18. The Herbaliser--24 carat blag [ninja tune]
19. Papa Byrd--spock [transistor]
20. Jazzanova--l.o.v.e. and you & i [ropeadope]

21. Barcelona--studio hair gel [march]
22. Anti Pop Consortium--ghostlawns [warp]
23. The American Analog Set--these days *amanset keystroke mix [tigerstyle]
24. Jim Roll--inhabiting the ball *lyrics by Denis Johnson [telegraph]
25. Q And Not U--a line in the sand [dischord]

26. The Whitefield Brothers--sol walk [soul fire]
27. Shane Endsley--after the snake pit [endsley]
28. Dabrye--won [eastdev]
29. Pizzicato Five--la depression [matador]

Saturday, July 06, 2002

program seventy-one
July 6, 2002

1. Dead Kennedys--your emotions [alternative tentacles]
2. The Bodies--addicted to you [radio]
3. The Cato Salsa Experience--deadbeat [emperor norton]
4. DJ Shadow--disavowed [quannum/mca]
5. Steven--high tech fade [slabco]

6. From "Funk Spectrum"--the dead don't die alive [bbe]
7. Jim Roll--desperado in the parking lot *lyrics by Denis Johnson [telegraph co.]
8. Daedelus--adventress [plug research]
9. The Love Generation--groovy summertime [sundazed]
10. Billy Holiday--strange fruit *trick remix [verve]

11. The Cinematic Orchestra--flite [ninja tune]
12. Hot Snakes--LAX [swami]
13. The Tornadoes--love & fury [dmc]
14. Shakeyface--fishing for swords [quatermass]
15. Le Tigre--tres bien *nouveau disco mix [mr. lady]

16. Ugly Duckling--do your thing [emperor norton]
17. People Under The Stairs--intro [om]
18. Snowglobe--beautiful [bardot]
19. Fidel--talkin [demo]
20. Medeski Martin & Wood--last chance to dance trance [ryko]

21. Black Brothers--school children [soul jazz]
22. Death By Chocolate--el graphic [jetset]
23. DJ Me DJ You--please enjoy [eenie meenie]
24. GoGoGoAirHeart--sit and stare [gsl]
25. Yesterday's New Quintet--daylight [ubiquity]

26. 5ive Style--deep marsh [sub pop]
27. The Lassie Foundation--she's the coming sun-she's long gone [shogun]
28. Prefuse 73--love you bring [warp]
29. Lone Pigeon--old mr. muncherman [fence/domino]
30. United Future Organization--i bet you never thought i'd find you *king britt mix [om]

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

programa setenta (70)
BossaSuperNova Version
July 3, 2002

1. Tino's Breaks--intro latin beats [tino corp]
2. Ghetto Swing--mundo latino [chilifunk]
3. Money Mark--pepe y irene [emperor norton]
4. Sonic Youth--radical adults lick godhead style [dgc]
5. Kinky--ejercicio #16 [sonic 360/nettwerk]

6. Tiburon Morales--bongo se fue pa'l congo [pimienta]
7. Suba--felicidade *buscemi mix [ziriguiboom/crammed]
8. Os Mutantes--bat macumba [luaka bop]
9.Murcof--maiz [the leaf label]
10. Juana Molina--que lluvia [bla bla]

11. La Ley--you come and go [red hot]
12. Moreno+2--enquanto isso [palm pictures]
13. Mum--green grass of tunnel [fat cat]
14. Som Tres--homenagem a mongo [ziriquiboom/crammed]
15. Fila Brazillia--we build arks *q-burns remix [twentythree]

16. Arto Lindsay--blue eye shadow [bar none]
17. Chocolate Armenteros--ritmo de mi son [putumayo]
18. Guillermo E. Brown--basso.ritmo.luz [thirsty ear]
19. Tom Ze--augusta, angelica e consolacao [luaka bop]
20. Jack Costanzo--quimbara *jazztronik mix [ubiquity]
21. Susana Baca--zamba malato [putumayo]

Saturday, June 22, 2002

program sixty-nine
June 22, 2002

1. Interpol--pda [matador]
2. Sonic Youth--plastic sun [dgc]
3. Fourtet--glue of the world [domino]
4. Medeski, Martin & Wood--pappy check [blue note]
5. Shane Endsley--after the snakepit [endsley]

6. Pretty Girls Make Graves--sad girls por vida [lookout]
7. People Under the Stairs--tales of kidd drunkadelic [om]
8. Prefuse 73--desks.pencils.bottles [warp]
9. The Centimeters--julian [space baby]
10. Elf Power--palace of the flames [spinArt]

11. Supersprite--gated buildings [audio dregs]
12. Beachwood Sparks--ghost dance 1492 [sub pop]
13. Dressy Bessy--i saw cinnamon [kindercore]
14. Tommy Keene--the man without a soul [spinArt]
15. Noam Chomsky--it's well know how to deal with drug problems [ak press]

16. Dino Felipe--dolipon [schematic]
17. Fundamental--serve it [self-released]
18. TTC--nonscience [big dada]
19. Capitol K--pillow [xl/beggars]
20. VHS or Beta--disco paradise [on!]

21. Stiff Little Fingers--suspect device [emi]
22. Arlo--little american [sub pop]
23. Rumah Sakit--no one likes a grumpy cripple [temp. residence]
24. Mellow--321 zero [emperor norton]
25. Baleen--unpaid porn star

26. The Kent 3--the palms [burn burn burn]
27. DJ Shadow--disavowed [mca/quannum]
28. Ray Barbee--a word aptly spoken [galaxia]
29. Nuspirit Helsinki--trying [guidance]
30. Toshack Highway--everyday, rock 'n' roll is saving my life [space baby]

Saturday, June 15, 2002

program sixty-eight
June 15, 2002

1. Slowride--montana [demo]
2. Sleeping Flies--enter the jivaro dub [ewb & kindercore]
3. All Natural--queens get the money [thrill jockey]
4. Beachwood Sparks--galapagos [sub pop]
5. The Ray Makers--contact high [eenie meenie]

6. Hem--stupid mouth shut [bar none/waveland]
7. Jack Dangers--structures [shadow]
8. Syrup--d/a/d [compost]
9. Fila Brazillia--spill the beans [23]
10. Marumari--octopus inc. mix [carpark]

11. Havalina--pluto [tooth & nail]
12. Avoid One Thing--next stop batteries [side one dummy]
13. Technicolor--technic(olor)al [dog print]
14. Looper--she's a knife [mute]
15. The Herbaliser--the turnaround [ninja tune]

16. Daniel Wang--pistol oderso [ghostly]
17. Ming Star--stalker song [mantra/beggars]
18. Claude Francois--ce soir je vais boire [emperor norton]
19. The Dining Rooms--invocation [guidance]
20. Wussom*pow!--country station [omnibus]

21. Bratmobile--i'm in the band [lookout]
22. Japancakes--duluth 75 [darla]
23. My Morning Jacket--o is the one that is real [jade tree]
24. Jack Costanza--quimbara *jazztronic mix [ubiquity]
25. Fundamental--the space between waiting [demo]

Saturday, June 08, 2002

program sixty-seven
June 8, 2002

1. No Knife--the red bedroom [dim mak]
2. The Trouble With Sweeney--most of it's mine [basement life]
3. DJ Shadow--mongrel meets his maker [mca/quannum]
4. Eleni Mandell--pirate song [space baby]
5. Plaid--stills [warp]

6. Guillermo E. Brown--gimme time tiempo [thirsty ear]
7. Aden--mango tree [teen beat]
8. Rob Swift--dope on plastic [asphodel]
9. Sukilove--talking in the dark [hidden agenda]
10. French Kicks-- when you heard you [startime]

11. Mum--i'm 9 today [thule]
12. The Polyphonic Spree--section 2 [good]
13. Ray Barbee--to soar on wings like eagles, now that would be nice [galaxian]
14. Cannanes w/ Explosion Robinson--you name it [slabco]
15. Le Tigre--tres bien *nouveau disco mix [mr. lady]

16. The Whitefield Brothers--sol walk [soul fire]
17. Greater California--everything's starting to happen [subtitled audio]
18. Speedy J--sonof [mute]
19. Ursula 1000--smokebomb [esl]
20. Jim Roll--desperado in the parking lot [telegraph co.]

21. Grandaddy--broken household appliance national forest [v2]
22. Kleenex Girl Wonder--no melody [march]
23. Black Science Orchestra--emancipation [sole]
24. Shakeyface--fishing for swords [quartermass]
25. Eastern Youth--bura bura bushi [better looking]

26. DJ Me DJ You--please enjoy [eenie meenie]
27. John Beltran--felicidad nova [ubiquity]

Saturday, June 01, 2002

program sixty-six
June 1, 2002

1. Papa Byrd--pure imagination [transistor]
2. DJ Shadow--right thing/gdmfsob [quannum/mca]
3. Sleeping Flies--locomotion [ewb/kindercore]
4. Radio 4--our town [gern blandsten]
5. Former Friend--i love this place [self-released]

6. E*vax--storm window [fuzzy box]
7. The Exit--lonely man's wallet [some]
8. Shakeyface--crazy, crazy like a fox [quartermass]
9. Shane Endsley--after the snakepit [endsley]
10. Kinky--tonos rosa [sonic 360/nettwerk]

11. Q-Burns Abstract Message--dreamland *thunderball mix [eighth dimension]
12. Imperial Teen--baby [merge]
13. Cinematic Orchestra--all that you give *herbert's raving dub [ninja tune]
14. El-P--dead disnee [definitive jux]
15. Rockers Hi Fi Meet Ella Fitzgerald--sunshine of your love [ubiquity]

16. Sentridoh--mountain on a hill [lou barlow]
17. Hausmeister--enger [karaoke kalk]
18. My Favorite--burning hearts [double agent]
19. Jim Roll--desperado in the parking lot [telegraph]
20. Six Cents & Natalie--devil in your heart [north of january]

21. Tino's breaks--intro latin beats [tino corp]
22. The Put-Ons--desperation girl [manic]
23. Ghetto Swing--mundo latino [chillifunk]
24. Guided By Voices--everywhere with helicopter [matador]
25. Diverse--move [chocolate industries]

Saturday, May 25, 2002

program sixty-five
May 25, 2002
*guest DJ's: Matt & Aaron from FUNDAMENTAL

1. The Kent 3--the palms [burn burn burn]
2. Aloha--the see rocks [polyvinyl]
3. Steven--hobbylobby [slabco]
4. Fundamental--organic [fundamental records]
5. Astrud Gilberto--who need forever *thievery corp. mix (verve)

6. Sharon Jones--got a thing on my mind [daptone]
7. Cannanes w/ Explosion Robinson--you name it [slabco]
8. Fundamental--super sopno [fundamental]
9. Fundamental--space between waiting [fundamental]
10. Codename Scorpion--jam packed [battle axe]

11. Marumari--electric company [carpark]
12. DJ Take 5--unknown [demo]
13. Fundamental--serve it [fundamental]
14. Zeb--down up [irma]
15. Papa Byrd--mai tai [transistor]

16. Cut Chemist--bunky's pick [stone's throw]
17. Fundamental--revolution [fundamental]
18. Manu Chao--clandestino [palm]
19. TTC--nonscience [big dada]
20. Portishead--a tribute to monk & canatella [go/london]

21. Fundamental--kung fu fo [fundamental]
22. The Herbaliser--24 carat blag [ninja tune]
23. Radiohead--airbag [capitol]
24. Homy--bus stop [eternity]
25. Fundamental--thank you [fundamental]

Saturday, May 04, 2002

program sixty-four
May 4, 2002

1. Jivaro--electro-fun [kindercore/ewb]
2. Kissing Spell--yellow moon [normal]
3. Flower Machine--dogs [drive in]
4. Astrud Gilberto--who need forever? *Thievery Corp. Mix [verve]
5. Future Pilot AKA--remember fun (like we was young) [geographic]

6. Deadman--three murders [lakeshore]
7. Papa Byrd--jimmy walker [transistor]
8. Luke Slater--only you [mute]
9. Autolux--angry candy [demo]
10. DJ Nobody--ballorettes [ubiquity]

11. Jel--subsong [mush]
12. Beatless--rock on [ubiquity]
13. Masters of the Hemisphere--sailboat kite [kindercore]
14. Fielding--glad [demo]
15. Tino--tino's beats [tino corp]

16. Desmond Williams--theme from a dream [esl]
17. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion--flavor part 2 [matador]
18. Gary Wilson--groovy girls make love at the beach [motel]
19. DJ Shadow--you can't go home again [mca/quannum]
20. Tortoise--monica [thrill jockey]

21. Marshmellow Coast--oblivion [misra]
22. Mum--green grass of tunnel [fat cat]

Saturday, April 27, 2002

program sixty-three
April 28, 2002

1. Mum/i'm 9 today [thule]
2. Kleenex Girl Wonder--[no melody]
3. Papa Byrd--pure imagination [transistor]
4. Cesar Pedroso--el vecino se mudo [pimienta]
5. Bebel Gilberto--sem contencao *truby trio remix [six degrees]

6. The Whitefield Brothers--sol walk [soul fire]
7. Saloon--le weekend [darla]
8. Luna--orange peel [jet set]
9. Frou Frou--breathe in [island]
10. The Herbaliser--verbal anime [ninja tune]

11. Hawke--party people *q-burns & huggy remix [six degrees]
12. Yesterday's New Quintet--daylight [ubiquity]
13. Girls Against Boys--kicking the lights [jade tree]
14. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion--she said [matador]
15. Seafood--pleasurehead [nettwerk]

16. Jivaro--electrofun [ewb/kindercore]
17. Ozma--battlescars [kung fu]
18. Mum--green grass of tunnel [fat cat]
19. The Cinematic Orchestra--all that you give [ninja tune]
20. Blackalicious--make you feel that way [quannum/mca]

21. Euphone--fanfare [bubblecore]
22. +/- crestfallen [teen beat]
23. Cuica-- trommel monster *ph remix [ubiquity]

Saturday, April 20, 2002

program sixty-two
April 20, 2002

1. Denali--you file [jade tree]
2. Autolux--turnstile blues [demo]
3. DJ Shadow--you can't go home again [quannum/mca]
4. Part Time--let's do it today [bbe]
5. Ursula 1000--smokebomb [esl]

6. Kinky--mirando de lado [nettwerk]
7. Havalina--space & mexico [tooth & nail]
8. Actionslacks--annie oakley [post-parlo]
9. King Kooba--afrique [om]
10. Mr. Fusion--bedbugs [live on kuci]
11. Mr. Fusion--the shakes [live on kuci]

12. The Rock*A*Teens--to lady ben & all her friends [moodswing]
13. Jonny Polonsky--love lovely love [american]
14. Mum--boycharge [klein]
15. Playgroup--bring it on [astralwerks]
16. Antibalas--world without fear [ninja tune]

17. Air--don't be light (malibu mix) [astralwerks]
18. Plaid--mfaus [warp]
19. Kleenex Girl Wonder--no melody [march]
20. Blackalicious--sky is falling [mca]

21. Anti Pop Consortium--bubblz [warp]
22. Anti Pop Consortium--dead in motion [warp]
23. Interfearence--xtradition (zero db mix) [ubiquity]
24. Moreno Veloso--enquanto isso [palm pictures]
25. No Knife--the red bedroom [dim mak]

Saturday, April 13, 2002

program sixty-one
April 16, 2002

1. Co Real Artists--what about you (in the world today) [stones throw]
2. Mario Nascimbene--hot buns [emperor norton]
3. The Boris Gardener Happening--ghetto funk [blood and fire]
4. Masters of the Hemisphere--take time [kindercore]
5. Cub Country--st. louis [jade tree]

6. Pedro the Lion--second best [jade tree]
7. Elusive Audio--second best *w/ Aceyalone [nc clothing]
8. Jack Dangers--ritmos latinos [tino corp]
9. Antipop Consortium--bubblz [warp]
10. Barcelona--everything makes me think about sex [pulCec]

11. Sarah Shannon--down [casa]
12. Former Friend--i love this place [former friend]
13. Red House Painters--i am a rock [4ad]
14. Piebald--fear and loathing on cape cod [bwr]
15. The Gloria Record--cinema air [arena rock]

16. Red Five--rise
17. Phil Ranelin--sounds from the village *morgan geist mix [hefty]
18. Sonic Generation--funky solution [cookin']
19. Fridge--of [temporary residence]
20. The Princeton Reverbs Colonial--waves crash [dirigeable]

21. Duvall--standing at the door [double zero]
22. I Am The World Trade Center--metro *brooklyn mix [kindercore]
23. Antipop Consortium--dead in motion [warp]
24. Stereo Total--l'amour a 3 [bobsled]
25. Toog--mappemonde [le grand magistry]

26. Land of the Loops--single girl summer home [up/slabco]
27. Land of the Loops--multi-family garage sale [up]

Saturday, April 06, 2002

program number sixty
April 6, 2002

1. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion--she said [matador]
2. Eleni Mandell--pirate song [space baby]
3. Fussible--la ballena [nettwerk/sonic 360]
4. Stacey Pullen--liquid letter [ubiquity]
5. Sonic Torpedoes--chrome age [demo]

6. Mum--boycharge [klein]
7. Imperial Teen--ivanka [merge]
8. Barcelona--west coast radio [pulCec]
9. Orange Cake Mix--early morning mystic [north of january]
10. Slowdive--40 days [creation]

11. Mojave 3--who do you love [4ad]
12. Neil Halstead--see you on rooftops [4ad]
13. The Busy Signals--autopilot [sugar free]
14. Handsome Boy Modeling School--the projects [tommy boy]
15. Tosca--honey *supatone 1 dub [k7]

16. Seafood--cloaking [nettwerk]
17. Mike Felumlee--halfway [double zero]
18. Former Friend--we never said hello [demo]
19. The Mooney Suzuki--in a young man's mind [gammon]
20. GoGoGo Airheart--real live kill [gsl]

21. Model--the next move [cookin]
22. Buffalo Daughter--i [emperor norton]
23. Phil Ranelin--vibes from the tribe *nobody mix [hefty]
24. DJ Krush--candle chant [sony music japan]
25. Antibalas--hypocrite [ninja tune]

Saturday, March 30, 2002

Play It As It Lays #59
March 30, 2002

1. Bullet Train To Vegas--nice going, laslow [demo]
2. Baldwin Brothers--that's right [tvt]
3. Blackalicious--make you feel that way [mca/quannum]
4. Req--i seek [warp]
5. Super Furry Animals--sidewalk serfer girl [xl/beggars]

6. Antibalas--talkatif [ninja tune]
7. Explosion Robinson--chop cuts [slabco]
8. Massive Attack--three [circa/virgin]
9. The Dining Rooms--invocation [guidance]
10. Greyboy--parkside bounce [ubiquity]

11. The High Fidelity--ithanku [freedom in exile]
12. Neil Halstead--driving with bert [4ad]
13. Tosca--orozco *dubphonic dub [k7]
14. 764 Hero--skylines [tiger style]
15. Grandaddy--12-PAK-599 [lakeshore]

16. Cornelius--brazil [matador]
17. Marshmellow Coast--ghost with wisdom [misra]
18. Retisonic--i don't drink (with co-workers) [leisure class]
19. Stephen Malkmus--jo jo's jacket [matador]
20. Hot Snakes--salton sea [sympathy for the record industry]

21. Piebald--rich people can breed [bwr]
22. Mum--boycharge [klein]
23. Plaid--stills [warp]
24. Greyboy--bath music [ubiquity]
25. Stacey Pullen--liquid letter [ubiquity]

Saturday, March 23, 2002

Play It As It Lays #58
March 23, 2002

1. Seafood--cloaking [nettwerk]
2. Req--something [warp]
3. Johnny Frigo--gazebo [ubiquity]
4. Sleeping Flies--locomotion [kindercore/ewb]
5. Rialto--london crawling [eagle]

6. Tiger Saw--blessed are the trials we will find [kimchee]
7. Soul Hooligan--algebra [maverick/freskanova]
8. Diverse--move [chocolate ind.]
9. Mum--bounce [klein]
10. Damien Jurado--like titanic [sub pop]

11. Hefner--the king of summer [too pure/beggars]
12. Cub Country--could be the moon [jade tree]
13. Milemarker--signal froze [jade tree]
14. I Am Spoonbender--stopwatch static [mint]
15. Phil Ranelin--black destiny [hefty]

16. As One--another revolution *stacey pullen mix [ubiquity]
17. Bob Mould--180 rain [granary]
18. Desmond Williams--theme from a dream [esl]
19. Lee Fields & The Explorers--ain't it funky now [soul fire]
20. Aarktica--song for a free williamsburg [darla]

21. Anti-Pop Consortium--bubblz [warp]
22. Marumari--indigo florist [carpark]
23. The Cave-Ins--winter's not over [omnibus]
24. The Sunshine Fix--that ole sun [emperor norton]
25. Zero 7--destiny [palm pictures]

26. Negativland--tv trivia [seeland]
27. Chicago Underground Duo--lifelines [thrill jockey]

Saturday, March 16, 2002

Play It As It Lays #57
March 16, 2002

1. Plaid--stills [warp]
2. New Flesh--communicate [big dada]
3. Phil Ranelin--sounds from the villiage *morgan geist mix [hefty]
4. Sarah Shannon--down [casa]
5. St. Germain--soul salsa soul [pias]
6. Steven--hobbylobby [slabco]

7. Yoshihiro Hanno Meets Mick Karn--seafall [shadow]
8. Currituck Co.--hang your coat [teen beat]
9. Sean Na Na--spread the good feelin' [french kiss]
10. The Influents--simple girls [adeline]
11. Stereo Total--ma radio [bobsled]
12. The Sunshine Fix--age of the sun [emperor norton]

13. The Boris Gardiner Happening--ghetto funk [blood & fire]
14. Generoso Jimenez--vengo con sed [pimienta]
15. Kinky--soun tha mi primer amor [nettwerk/sonic 360]
16. Caurel--your memories on television [chocolate industries]
17. Dynomite D--and ya don't stop [slabco]
18. Mark Robinson--aluminum [teen beat]

19. Howard Hello--television [temporary residence]
20. Boards of Canada--music is math [warp]
21. Rinocerose--lost love [v2]
22. Greyboy--polyphonix [ubiquity]
23. Diverse--the unprefix [chocolate ind]
24. Granfaloon Bus--the far from perfect cha-cha [future farmer]

25. David Holmes--160 million dollar chinese man
26. Mismash--track eight [demo]

Saturday, March 09, 2002

Play It As It Lays #56
March 09, 2002

1. Req--something [warp]
2. The Sugarman Three--solid funk [soul fire]
3. Action Figure Party--everybody ready [blue thumb]
4. Buffalo Daughter--five minutes [emperor norton]
5. The Poets of Rhythm--funky train [shadow]
6. Minus The Bear--lemurs, man, lemurs [suicide squeeze]

7. Greyboy--ghetto boogie [ubiquity]
8. DJ Food--monocle *silver dub [ninja tune]
9. Kaito--fresno song [future farmer]
10. The Promise Ring--suffer never [anti]
11. +/- beverly road [teen beat]
12. Remington Super 60--always trust the samba [north of january]

13. Action Figure Party--george & cindy [blue thumb]
14. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion--bellbottoms *unkle mix [matador]
15. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion--afro [au gogo]
16. Neil Halstead--hi-lo and in between [4ad]
17. Damien Jurado--air show disaster [sub pop]
18. Cornelius--smoke [matador]

19. Plaid--shackbu [warp]
20. Clinic--come into our room [domino]
21. DJ Cam--juliet [six degrees]
22. Atjazz--casa de ilusion [mantis]
23. Herbie Hancock--this is rob swift [transparent]
24. Push Button Objects--360 *dj spinna mix [chocolate ind.]

Saturday, March 02, 2002

Play It As It Lays #55
March 02, 2002

1. Phil Ranelin--vibes from the tribe *nobody mix (hefty)
2. Phil Ranelin--black destiny (hefty)
3. Azure Ray--no signs of pain (saddle creek)
4. Domu--body electric (dipiu)
5. Cylob--rewind (rephlex)

6. Live Human--lagoona's bliss *elephant mix (matador)
7. Kinky--soun tha primer amor (nettwerk)
8. Lambchop--d. scott parsley (merge)
9. Cub Country--o great telephone (jade tree)
10. Clouddead--bike (shadow/mush)

11. Adult--mouth to mouth (ersatz audio)
12. Boards of Canada--music is math (matador)
13. Greater California--she glows (subtitled audio)
14. They Come In Threes--rubber band collection (fall of rome)
15. Michael Franti & Spearhead--stay human *stereo steambath mix (six degrees)

16. Fog--pneumonia (ninja tune)
17. New Flesh--more fire (big dada)
18. Sonic Generation--funky solution (cookin')
19. Roots Manuva--witness [1 hope] (big dada)
20. Sybarite--invisible magnetic missive (temporary residence)

21. Fussible--omni (head+arm)
22. Club 8--friends and lovers (hidden agenda)
23. Flin Flon--mistassini (teen beat)
24. Cujo--fat ass joint (shadow)

Saturday, February 16, 2002

Play It As It Lays #54
February 16, 2002
Special Guest Performance: Mr. Fusion

1. The Influents--simple girls (adeline)
2. Duvall--falling into you (demo)
3. South--i know what you're like (mo'wax/kinetic)
4. Fussible--odyssea (head+arm)
5. Cex--texas menstrates (tigerbeat6)

6. Flanger--it ain't rocket science (ninja tune)
7. Tino's Breaks--fx (tino corp)
8. The Scooters--5 O'clock (aeronaut)
9. Sinners & Saints--the sky is falling (demo)
10. Technicolor--technic(olor)al (dogprint)

11. South--paint the silence (mo'wax/kinetic)
12. Neil Halstead--hi-lo and inbetween (4ad)
13. Sybarite--identity #2 (temporary residence)

**Mr. Fusion Live::Set one
14. Mr. Fusion--bugtrap
15. Mr. Fusion--fiona
16. Mr. Fusion--just like me

17. Rilo Kiley--pictures of success (acoustic)
18. Smile--lawndarts (cargo)
19. Ben Lee--something to remember me by (grand royal)

**Mr. Fusion Live::Set two
20. Mr. Fusion--bed bugs
21. Mr. Fusion--the shakes
22. Mr. Fusion--downtown kids

23. yesterday's new quintet--paladium (stone's throw)
24. Mum--bounce (klein records)
25. Kid Koala & Dynomite D--third world lover (motel)
26. Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble--excerpt (emanem)

Mr. Fusion Performances:
Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2002 Chain Reaction (Anaheim)
Sunday, Feb. 24, 2002 Hogue Barmichaels (Newport Beach)

Saturday, February 09, 2002

Play It As It Lays #53
February 9, 2002
Special Guest Performance: VAVAK

Artist--song (label)

1. Vermont--bells of saint alcohol (kindercore)
2. The Sunshine Fix--that ole sun (emperor norton)
3. The Poets of Rhythm--funky train (shadow)
4. Cujo--traffic (shadow)
5. As One--undefeated (ubiquity)

6. Fire Escape--forget forever (unreleased)
7. Cornelius--another view point (matador)
8. Gang of Four--at home he's a tourist (dutch east india)
9. Cannibal Ox--vein (def jux)
10. Cex--first for wounds (tigerbeat6)

11. Beatless--love from the sun (ubiquity)
12. Tweaker--linoleum*wamdue 2-step dub experience (six degrees)

***live on KUCI:VAVAK***
13. Vavak--sober
14. Vavak--parasol
15. Vavak--viv
16. Vavak--fmwh
17. Vavak--shine
18. Vavak--why

19. Tristeza--drify *sientific american mix (tiger style)
20. Phil Ranelin--sounds from the village*morgan geist mix (hefty)"
21. Naked Music NYC--it's love (om)

Vavak Performances:
Feb. 14, 2002 Kabitz Room (inside Canters Deli: 419 N. Fairfax, L.A.)
Mar. 02, 2002 Beachtree Bar & Grill (Poughkeepsie, N.Y.)
Mar. 27, 2002 Que Sera (7th and Cherry, Long Beach)

Saturday, February 02, 2002

Play It As It Lays #52
February 2, 2002

Artist--song (label)

1. Kaskade--what i say (om)
2. Stereo Total--kleptomane (bobsled)
3. Simian--under the cherry moon (rex)
4. Smoking Popes--capital cristine (capitol)
5. They Come In Threes--rubber band collection (fall of rome)

6. Mighty Flashlight--go on. die. it's easy. (jade tree)
7. Duvall--standing at the door (double zero)
8. Les Savy Fav--disco drive (french kiss)
9. Atjazz--casa de ilusion (mantis)
10. Felix Da Housecat--analog city (emperor norton)

11. Felix Da Housecat--pray for a star (emperor norton)
12. Flanger--it ain't rocket science (ninja tune)
13. Blackalicious--make you feel that way (quannum/mca)

Saturday, January 19, 2002

Play It As It Lays #51
January 19, 2002
Special Guest DJs: Kirk & Tommy from Iffy

Artist--song (label)

1. Atjazz--strike (mantis)
2. Alan Hawkshaw--daytripper (motel)
3. Cornelius--drop (matador)
4. Beatless--hercules (ubiquity)
5. Granfaloon Bus--moans enclosed (future farmer)

6. The Lassie Foundation--the battle of vernon (anisette)
7. Kraftwerk--expo2000 *orbital mix (astralwerks)
8. David Holmes--69 police (1500)
9. Sleater-Kinney--dig me out (kill rock stars)
10. The Promise Ring--the deep south (jade tree)

11. Morsel--meadow (small stone)
12. Cursive--the casualty (saddle creek)
13. Iffy--can o cope *q burns mix (foodchain)
14. Iffy--double dutch (foodchain)
15. Freestylers--here we go (freskanova)

16. Iffy--can o cope (foodchain)
17. Doctor L--life of fortune and fame (shadow)
18. Iffy--super bad girl *mint royale mix (foodchain)
19. Roni Size--lucky pressure (island)
20. Iffy--sweet stuff (foodchain)

Sunday, January 13, 2002

Play It As It Lays #50
January 12, 2002

Artist--song (label)

1. Alexkid--bienvenida (f communications)
2. Princess Superstar--untouchable part 2 (rapster/K7)
3. DJ Shadow--hindsight (mo'wax)
4. Don Harper--purple blues (motel)
5. Rise Against--six ways 'til sunday (fat)

6. Jawbreaker--accident prone (geffen)
7. Flanger--outer space/inner space (ninja tune)
8. Dave Tarrida--hell toupe (tresor)
9. Minus the Bear--lemurs, man, lemurs (suicide squeeze)
10. Manu Chao--infinita tristeza (virgin)

11. Tommy Guerrero--rusty gears lonely years (mo'wax)
12. Fad Gadget--fireside favorite (mute)
13. Solaris--afro funk (cookin')
14. Le Tigre--fake french (mr. lady)
15. Neil Halstead--two stones in my pocket (4ad)

16. Herbie Hancock--this is rob swift (transparent)
17. The Black-Eyed Snakes--honey (chair-kickers)
18. Low--last night i dreamt that somebody loved me (chair-kickers)
19. Superdrag--take your spectre away (vagrant)
20. Sybarite--without you i'm nothing (temporary residence)

21. South--here on in (mo'wax/kinetic)
22. Papa M--roses in the snow (drag city)
23. Chocolate Weasel--music for body lockers (ninja tune)
24. Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combo--spy (ninja tune)
25. Technicolor--technic(olor)al (dogprint)

Saturday, January 05, 2002

Play It As It Lays #49
January 5, 2002

Artist--song (label)

1. Dag Nasty--justification (dischord)
2. The Briefs--come dancing (sub pop)
3. Milemarker--a quick trip to the clinic (jade tree)
4. The Icarus Line--feed a cat to your cobra (crank!)
5. Felix Da Housecat--silver screen *shower scene (emperor norton)

6. The Court and Spark--rooster mountain (absolutely kosher)
7. Steven--kitkope (slabco/ape sounds)
8. Marumari--indigo florist (carpark)
9. The Minders--one man in bombay (spinArt)
10. The Minders--better things (spinArt)

11. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions--feeling of gaze (rough trade)
12. Stephen Vitiello--rebecca h.h. (new albion)
13. Technicolor--technic[olor]al (dogprint)
14. Piano Magic--non-fiction (rocketgirl)
15. Soul Junk--weapons (soundsfamilyre)

16. The Donnas--party action (lookout)
17. Kaskade--gonna make it (om)
18. Dan Curtain--spaceman (compost)
19. Cut Chemist--bunky's pick (stones throw)
20. Ronny Jordan--floor & more (blue note)

21. Greyboy--single's party part 2 (ubiquity)
22. Money Mark--people's party [red alert] (emperor norton)
23. Roots Manuva--witness [1 hope] (big dada)
24. Plaid--track 1 (warp)
25. Dick Hyman--flute loop (motel)
26. Tino--liquid dub (future primitive sound)