Saturday, September 24, 2011


Toro y Moi--all alone [carpark]
Thievery Corporation--light flares [esl]
Trentemoller--shades of marble
Metronomy--she wants [big beat]
Japan--the art of parties
M83--midnight city [mute]
13 & God--its own sun [anticon]
Gardens & Villa--orange blossom *richard swift remix [secretly canadian]
The Humans--titanium girl [the end]
Art Brut--clever clever jazz [cooking vinyl]
Pajama Club--tell me what you want [lester]
Weekend--hazel [slumberland]
Big Troubles--sad girls [slumberland]
Veronica Falls--beachy head [slumberland]

Mariachi El Bronx--48 roses [ato/white drugs]
Toyah--i want to be free [safari]
Grace Jones--williams blodd [pias]
DJ Shadow--warning call [verve]
Tom Vek--we do nothing [island]
AM & Shawn Lee--dark into light [esl]
The Lords (LA)--Trapped in [substance]
The Pack a.d.--sirens [mint]
The Pack a.d.--the haunt [mint]
The Germs--ritchie dagger's crime [slash]
Ursula 1000--disko-tech [esl]
The Funk Ark--horchata [esl]
Neon Indian--polish girl [mom+pop]

Saturday, September 17, 2011

w/ Martina

cults - most wanted - cults**
friendly fires - hurting - pala**
eleanor friedberger - inn of the seventh ray - last summer
someone still loves you boris yeltsin - in pairs - let it sway

vhs or beta - breaking bones
we are scientists - altered beast - brain thrust mastery
david kilgour and the heavy eights - steel arrow - left by soft**
deerhoof - i did crimes for you - deerhoof vs evil
mogwai - does this always happen - earth division**

noah and the whale - the first days of spring - the first days of spring
the watson twins - how am i to be - fire songs
alex ebert - bad bad love - alexander
rachael yamagata - duet - elephants teeth sinking into heart

pipettes - pull shapes - we are the pipettes
tune-yards - you yes you - whokill
plumtree - july 3rd - mass teen fainting
tilly and the wall - lost girls - bottoms of barrels
the puppini sisters - heart of glass - betcha bottom dollar
she trinity - climb that tree - destroy that boy

professor elemental - a fete worse than death - the indifference engine
coconut records - any fun - davy
francoise hardy - la fille avec toi - the yeh yeh girl from paris
the mountain goats - no children - tallahassee
ra ra riot - too dramatic - the orchard

washed out - eyes be closed - within and without**
white fence - and by always - is growing faith**
the walkmen - in the new year - you and me
clap your hands and say yeah - idiot - hysterical**
mates of state - an experiment - team boo
the buttercream gang - flawed - polite men**

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Superchunk--the first part [merge]
Archers of Loaf--web in front [merge]
Tomorrows Tulips--eternally teenage [galaxia]
The Kick Drums--meet your ghost [last gang]
Mariachi El Bronx--48 roses [ato]
The Front Bottoms--mountain [bar/none]
Chuck Ragan--wish on the moon [sideOne dummy]
Pang Attack--python (bad dream) [none]
Brian Eno/Rick Holland--glitch [warp]
Thievery Corporation--culture of fear [esl]
Serengeti--pmdd [anticon]
13 & God--it's own sun [anticon]
Wiley--100% publishing [big dada]
Mr. Scruff vs. Kirsty Almeida--pickled spider [wonderwheel]
DJ Shadow--warning call feat. tom vek [verve forecast]

The Deer Tracks--fra ro raa/ro ra fraa [control group]
Tortoise--prepare your coffin [thrill jockey]
Veronica Falls--bad feeling [slumberland]
Donora--the untouchables [rostrum]
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks--tigers [matador]
The Horrible Crowes--behold the hurricane [sideOne dummy]
Sloan--underwhelmed [dgc]
Braid--the right time [polyvinyl]
Sleeper Agent--that's my baby [mom+pop]
Lindstrom & Christabelle--lovesick [small town supersound]
Lyrics Born--i changed my mind *stereo mcs mix [quannum]
Stereo MCs--far out feeling [!K7]
AM & Shawn Lee--dark into light [esl]

Saturday, September 03, 2011

st vincent - cruel**
the lords (la) - it's been eight years**
beirut - the rip tide - the rip tide**

maritime - young alumni - we, the vehicle
iron and wine - white tooth man - the shepherd's dog
blood orange - forget it - coastal grooves**
dirty projectors - i sit on the ridge at dusk - the getty address
bird and the bee - private eyes

dale earnhardt jr jr - vocal chords - it's a corporate world**
the ettes - you were there - wicked will**
neon indian - fallout
liam finn - second chance - i'll be lightning
ben folds - from above

w/ co-host Martina

professor elemental - fighting trousers
tuneyards - gangsta - whokill
friendly fires - true love - pala**
the ettes - the worst there is - wicked will**
the buttercream gang - demtrio - polite men**

the buttercream gang - i wont take sides - polite men**
the mountain goats - cotton - we shall be healed
i'm from barcelona - treehouse - let me introduce my friends (PERRY)
bittersweet - dirty laundry - the mating game
tahiti 80 - heartbeat - puzzle
little dragon - fortune

cults - never saw the point -cults**
ima robot - the beat goes on - public access
hot chip - over and over - over and over
black lips - bicentennial man - arabia mountain