Tuesday, August 30, 2005

August 29, 2005

Talkdemonic--mountain tops in caves [pdx pop now]
Her Space Holiday--self helpless [witchita]
Himuro--2 mcs from thailand [zod]
Tinypixel--sloop john b [hippocamp]
Ammoncontact--naeem [ninja tune]
Acid House Kings--this heart is a stone [twenty-seven]
The Free Design--i found love *styrofoam & sarah shannon remix [light in the attic]
The Divorce--call the police [made in mexico]
Facing New York--javelina [five one]
The Hatepinks--fashion is crime [tko]
Tim Fite--no good here [anti]
Mr. Scruff--chicken in a box [ninja tunes]
M83--violet tree [mute]
Mouse On Mars--diskdusk [sonig]

General Elektriks--facing the void [quannum]
Lyrics Born--i changed my mind *stereo mc's remix [quannum]
Lateduster--keno [merck]
Les Gammas--guauanco *cinematic orchestra remix [ninja tune]
Luke Vibert / BJ Cole--dischordzilla [astralwerks]
Super Furry Animals--atomik lust [xl]
Nada Surf--what is your secret? [barsuk]
Invincible Overlord--behind the mountains [venerable media]
Summer Lawns--piano song [stunning models on display]
Prefuse 73 Reads The Books--pagina dos [warp]
Boards Of Canada--gyroscope [warp]

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

August 22, 2005

General Elektriks--facing that void w/ maroons [quannum]
The Free Design--girls alone *nobody musak mix [light in the attic]
Mobius Band--radio coup [ghostly]
Hammock--stranded under endless sky [hammock]
Odd Nosdam--untitled one [anticon]
Mojave 3--billodity [4ad]
Micah P. Hinson--patience [sketchbook]
Thee More Shallows--freshman thesis [turn]
The New Pornographers--use it [matador]
The Capes--tightly wound [hard soul]
Viva K--does it matter? [stinky]
Tiger Baby--sweetheart [souvenir]
My Enemy--gullvivas koloni [vapen & godis]

The Moog Cookbook--hotel california *r.i.p. bob moog [restless]
Alias & Ehren--eman ruosis iht [anticon]
The Jimmy Castor Bunch--it's just begun [tommy boy]
The Propositions--you've been chosen [luv n' haight/ubiquity]
The Herbaliser--gadget funk [ninja tune]
Howard Hello--intro [temporary residence]
Howard Hello--giving up [temporary residence]
Jose Gonzalez--heartbeats [parasol]
Pajo--track 4 [drag city]
Caribou--bees [leaf/domino]
The Glove--looking glass girl [rough trade]
Goldrush--jupiter [better looking]
Phoenix--everything is everything [astralwerks]

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

August 16, 2005

Alias & Ehren--eman ruosis iht [anticon]
The Free Design--where do i go *madlib remix [light in the attic]
Fantastic Plastic Machine--i'm bruce [eenie meenie]
Prefuse 73 Reads The Books--pagina dos [warp]
Zuco 103--duele le le [six degrees]
Tom & Joy--meditation [tommy boy]
Kite Operations--a wonder [k.o.a.]
Viva K--does it matter? [stinky]
Space Mtn--the bright side [night light/aeronaut]
Engineers--new horizons [echo]
Doveman--honey [swim slowly]
The Complete Strategist--ilend [happy home]

The Dudley Corporation--maybe i [absolutely kosher]
Sons & Daughters--dance me in [domino]
Tiger Baby--chinese fairy tale [souvenir]
Supersystem--born into the world [touch and go]
Shawn Lee--p walk [ubiquity]
The Lilys--icy water, water everywhere [primary]
Daniel Lanois--the deadly nightshade [anti]
Tiki Obmar--helios remix [merck]
Minotaur Shock--(she's in) dry dock now [4ad]
Minotaur Shock--hilly [4ad]
The Quantic Soul Orchestra--the conspirator [ubiquity]
The Perceptionists--career finders [definitive jux]
M.I.A.--10$ [xl]
Prefuse 73 Reads The Books--pagina tres [warp]

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

August 9, 2005

The Herbaliser--song for mary [ninja tune]
Felt 2--employee of the year [rhymesayers]
The Free Design--to a black boy *dangermouse & murs mix [light in the attic]
Soul Position--oxford you really owe me [rhymesayers]
Thievery Corportation--revolution solution [esl]
Solvent--my wish [ghostly]
Tinypixel--sloop john b [hippocamp]
The Free Design--i found love *styrofoam & sarah shannon mix [light in the attic]
The Concretes--branches [astralwerks]
Hockey Night--for guys' eyes only [lookout]
Sons And Daughters--dance me in [domino]
!!!--take ecstacy with me [touch and go]

Lyrics Born--i changed my mind *stereo mc's mix [quannum]
The Mighty Imperials--never found a girl [daptone]
Cut Chemist--bunky's pick [stones throw]
Tosca--superrob [k7]
Minotaur Shock--hilly [4ad]
Caribou--barnowl [domino/leaf]
Zuco 103--love is queen omega *feat. lee scratch perry [six degrees]
Lali Puna--fast forward *flowchart remix [morr]
Cosiner--breakthr [beautiful angry music]

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Minotaur Shock--vigo bay [4ad]
Beck--broken drum *boards of canada remix [interscope]
The Herbaliser--song for mary [ninja tune]
Bliss--long life [quango]
Silversun Pickups--kissing families [dangerbird]
Hockey Night--for guys' eyes only [lookout]
Kite Operations--effervescence [k.o.a.]
Ryan Ferguson--suddenly [junior varsity]
Minus The Bear--the game needed me [suicide squeeze]
The Double--idiocy [matador]
Dungen--lipsill [kemado]
Mazarin--the new american apathy [i and ear]
Daniel Lanois--the deadly nightshade [anti]

Four Tet--iron man [temporary residence]
Four Tet--sun drums and soil [domino]
Quantazelle--joy diversion [unschooled]
The Propositions--africana [luv n' haight/ubiquity]
Apsci--tirade highway [quannum]
Odd Nosdam--untitled one [anticon]
Minotaur Shock--hilly [4ad]
Palaxy Tracks--grey snake [peek-a-boo]
Facing New York--full turn [five one]
The Hatepinks--tupperware love [tko]
Summer Lawns--piano song [stunning models on display]
Ezekiel Honig & Morgan Packard--hibernate [microcosm]