Saturday, August 03, 2002

program seventy-five
august 3, 2002
w/ special guests Chris & Lance from The Ray Makers!

1. Ugly Duckling--i did it like this [emperor norton]
2. The Tornadoes--love & fury [dmc]
3. Liquid Liquid--cavern [ffrr]
4. Marden Hill--hijack [stepping stone]
5. Havalina--space and mexico [tooth & nail]

6. DJ Me DJ You--please enjoy [eenie meenie]
7. The Ultra Wide Band--c.i.s. [kindercore]
8. Soul Junk--ungst func slag collision [sounds are active]
9. Dressy Bessy--i saw cinnamon [kindercore]
10. The Bodies--addicted to you [radio]

11. Explosion Robinson--chop cuts [slabco]
12. Lone Pigeon--beatmix chocbar wrap [domino]
13. Macha Meets Bedhead--you and new plastic [jetset]
14. Mark Robinson--peanuts & cracker jack [teen beat]
15. Daedelus--adventress [plug research]

16. Robokoneko--neko can dance [couchblip]
17. The Cinematic Orchestra--all that you give [ninja tune]
18. The Ray Makers--moonflower [transistor]
19. The Ray Makers--keno casino
20. The Ray Makers--xlarge theme remix [xlarge]

21. The Ray Makers--follow me [transistor]
22. Seksu Roba--intersexual overdrive [cdhw]
23. The Ray Makers--only shallow
24. The Ray Makers--what would you like to play *ursula 1000 mix [transistor]
25. Add N to (X)--metal finger inside ya [mute]
26. The American Analog Set--the postman [tiger style]

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