Tuesday, December 26, 2006

December 26, 2006

Hot Chip--boy from school *erol alkan's re-work [astralwerks]
The Knife--heartbeats [rabid/mute]
Pas/cal--little red radio [le grand magistery]
The Hidden Cameras--death of a tune [arts & crafts]
Daniel Smith & Sufjan Stevens--worried shoes [second shimmy]
Nostalgia 77 Octet--question [tru thoughts]
DJ Shadow--this time [universal]
Tita Lima--o canto do samba [kajmere sound]
Greenskeepers--15 minutes [om]
Over the Atlantic--glass breaks [carpark]
Califone--pink & sour [thrill jockey]
Pigeon John--money back guarantee [quannum]
Reich--proverb *alex smoke remix [nonesuch]
Underworld--juanita [tvt]

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Maroons--lester hayes [quannum]
Fat Jon & Styrofoam--scream it out [morr]
Caural & Transmission--seamonster [abandon building]
Aerogramme--exits [sonic unyon]
Rosie Thomas--much farther to go [sing-a-long]
Sloan--who taught you to love like that? [yep roc]
Sloan--underwhelmed [geffen]
Sloan--penpals [geffen]
Lush--superblast! [4ad]
Spaceman 3--feel so good [taang!]
Sonic Youth--kim's chords [geffen]

Tom Rothrock--resonator [bong load]
Tommy Guerrero--1966 [quannum]
Tommy Guerrero--don't fake it [quannum]
Darkel--be my friend [astralwerks]
Over the Atlantic--starsign [carpark]
Sprites--george romero [darla]
Rotary Downs--body of an outlaw [rookery]
Benjy Feree--in the countryside [domino]
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin--what'll we do [polyvinyl]
The Little ones--lovers who uncover [astralwerks]
Born Ruffians--piecing it together [warp]
Hot Chip--sexual healing [astralwerks]
So Percussion--go [cantaloupe]
Dosh--o mexico [anticon]

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December 5, 2006

Tom Rothrock--darker blues [bong load]
The Low Frequency in Stereo--axes [gigantic]
Let's Active--talking to myself [IRS]
Graham Coxon--standing on my own again [parlophone]
Mighty Fairly--last stand started [self release]
Mitch Easter--sudden crown drop [electric devil]
The Strange--texas [self release]
Pinback--wasted [warner bros]
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin--pangea [polyvinyl]
The Little Ones--lovers who uncover [heavenly/astralwerks]

Sonic Youth--razor blade [geffen]
Sonic Youth--kim's chords [geffen]
The Postmarks--goodbye *tahiti 80 remix [unfiltered]
Radio Birdman--we've come so far (to be here today) [yep roc]
Josef K--sorry for laughing [domino]
The Boggs--arm in arm *hot chip remix [gigantic]
Radio Citizen--the hop [ubiquity]
TM Juke--bee's on mars [ubiquity]
Love Is All--ageing had never been his friend [what's your rupture?]
The Idle Hands--loaded [lavolta]
Fields--brittlesticks [black lab]
Stephen Merritt--the meaning of lice [4ad]
Bon Savants--go to the sun [self release]
Boyskout--fantastic [three ring]
Mere Mortals--the hard light [self release]