Wednesday, November 20, 2002

program eighty-five
November 20, 2002

1. Beat Conductor--lost lust [stones throw]
2. Yesterday's New Quintet--mystic brew interlude [stones throw]
3. Yesterday's New Quintet--knucklehead [stones throw]
4. Thievery Corporation--from creation [esl]
5. Recloose--ghost stories [planet e]

6. We Ragazzi--i can't stand up [self starter foundation]
7. Layo & Bushwacka--love story [xl]
8. Ladytron--commodore rock [emperor norton]
9. Signal To Trust--the spectacular [modern radio]
10. The (International) Noise Conspiracy--(i've got) survival sickness [epitaph]

11. John Beltran--bota foga [ubiquity]
12. Meat Beat Manifesto--dynamite fresh [run]
13. Lemon Jelly--return to patagonia [beggars]
14. Hot Water Music--trusty chords [epitaph]
15. Sebadoh--license to confuse [sub pop]

16. Boards of Canada--iced cooly [warp]
17. Royksopp--poor leno *jakatta mix [astralwerks]
18. P'Taah--apricot [ubiquity]
19. D.H.S.--suspended animation [tino]
20. DJ Shadow--100 metre dash [universal-island]

21. Derrick L. Carter--if i [classic recordings]
22. The Streets--has it come to this [locked on]
23. 2 Bad Card--noise polluters [on u sound]
24. Andrea Parker--elements of style [mo'wax]
25. Tosca--chocolate elvis [groovy gravy]

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