Saturday, September 07, 2002

program seventy-nine
September 8, 2002

1. Rjd2--the horror [definitive jux]
2. Orbital--chime [ffrr]
3. Tubeway Army--are friends electric? [beggars banquet]
4. Nightmares On Wax--say say [warp]
5. The Interruptor--inner city dub [tanty]

6. Kid Loco w/ Tim Keegan--if it's monday morning [astralwerks]
7. Mighty Six Ninety--screaming with the sun []
8. The Sunshine Fix--sail beyond the sunset [emperor norton]
9. Sammy--buckle-up sunshine [dgc]
10. Interpol--say hello to the angels [matador]

11. Doug Martsch--window [warner bros.]
12. The Boys' Star Library--sugar & water [bumblebear]
13. Sing Sing--feels like summer [manifesto]
14. Cornershop--funky days are back again [warner bros.]
15. Recloose--can't take it [planet e]

16. Slippers--beard and buttered corn [demo]
17. Funkadelic--if you got funk, you got style [funk mob]
18. Kettel--top space [reimer eising]
19. The Bronx--strobe life [demo]
20. The Flipsides--two weeks [pink&black]

21. Frank Black--california bound [spinArt]
22. Soul Junk--ungst func slag collision [sounds are active]
23. Ben Neill--bugfunk [six degrees]
24. Cujo--fat ass joint [shadow]
25. Hank Johnson--you lost your thing [goldmine soul supply]

26. Bentley Rhythm Ace--whoosh [astralwerks]
27. Counterfit--souvenir [negative progression]
28. Hot Snakes--xox [swami]