Wednesday, November 27, 2002

program eighty-six
November 27, 2002

1. The Spinanes--kid in candy [sub pop]
2. Little Wings--look at what the light did now [k]
3. Machine Drum--countchocula [merck]
4. Add N to {X}--take me to you leader [mute]
5. John Beltran--kiana [ubiquity]

6. The Sadies--monkey & cork [yep roc]
7. Sybarite--the fourth day [4ad]
8. Baxter--redemption [will not clear man]
9. Self--what are you thinking? [spongebath/dreamworks]
10. A Trillion Barnacle Lapse--privacy had a bad ticker [level plane]
11. Tino's Breaks--play a mambo [tino corp]

12. Over Night Low--the witch doctor [ace]
13. Smokey & Miho--bocoche [smokey & miho]
14. Midsummer--silent blue [sun, sea, sky]
15. The 6ths--pillow fight [london]

16. Longwave--pool song [fenway]
17. Future Bible Heroes--doris daytheearthstoodstill [instinct]
18.Gabin--doo uap, doo uap, doo uap [astralwerks]
19. True Love Always--give me the colors [teen beat]
20. Owen--nobody's nothing [polyvinyl]

21. Casion Vs. Japan--single variation of two [carpark]
22. Masters of the Hemisphere--the new commotion [kindercore]
23. Prefuse 73--last light [warp]
24. Sugarman 3 & Co.--country girl [daptone]
25. High Llamas--london [asphodel]

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