Saturday, December 29, 2001

Play It As It Lays #48
December 29, 2001

Artist--song (label)

1. Masters of the Hemisphere--summertime, that's when the good times start (dcbaltimore)
2. Cornelius--chapter 8-seashore and horizon (matador)

Live in-studio: The North Magnetic>>
3. The North Magnetic--in between
4. The North Magnetic--tonight we ride
5. The North Magnetic--mudslide
6. The North Magnetic--deciding days

7. Make Up--hey! orpheus (k)
8. Fourtet--untangled (domino)

Live in-studio: The North Magnetic>>
9. The North Magnetic--sunk like a wrench
10. The North Magnetic--musashi strategy
11. The North Magnetic--camaro

12. Kid Koala & Dynomite D/third world lover (motel)
13. La Zamba Del Chevy--la zamba del chevy (smart art press)
14. Roots Manuva--join the dots (big dada)

**Program Notes: This week's program ran only an hour due to a UCI basketball game. The game is currently in progress, so it's still anyone's game. Go UCI!

In studio this afternoon for a live set was Chico based, The North Magnetic. They're a 3-guitar band and pull off it very well. Nice textures, a great drummer, and the typical indie rock low-in-the-mix vocals. Look for a proper recording from them sometime in the summer, along with an extensive tour. Unfortunately, the band is without a website, so it's hard to keep up with them, but I'm sure they'll be keeping in touch with KUCI. So stay in touch with us...

Saturday, December 22, 2001

Play It As It Lays #047
December 22, 2001

Artist--song (label)

1. The Promise Ring--b is for bethlehem (jade tree)
2. Quarashi--malone lives (time bomb)
3. As One--music is an open sky (ubiquity)
4. The Lassie Foundation--good as gold (anisette)
5. Greyboy--parkside bounce (ubiquity)

6. Tanya Donelly--the storm (beggars)
7. Yuji Oniki--between beds and clocks (future farmer)
8. Le Tigre--tres bien (mr. lady)
9. Four Tet--you could ruin my day (domino)
10. Fridge--cut up piano and xylophone (temp. residence)

11. The Cinematic Orchestra/channel 1 suite *four tet remix (ninja tune)
12. Co Real Artists--what about you [in the world today] (stones throw)
13. Harold Melvin--the love i lost (epic legacy)
14. The Avalanches--two hearts in 3/4 time (modular)
15. Stacey Pullen--futuristikfreakqueen (science)

16. The Prom--saloon song (barsuk/panther fact)
17. Olivia Tremor Control--jumping fences (spinArt)
18. Aphex Twin--vordhosbn (warp/sire)
19. Tino--christmas is here (tino corp)
20. Railroad Jerk--clean shirt (matador)

21. Barcelona--i have the password to your shell account (march)
22. Masters of the Hemisphere/when people were younger (dcbaltimore)
23. Mr. Len--this morning (matador)
24. Basehead--not in kansas (imago)
25. Model--the next move (cookin')
26. Mr. Scruff--happy band (ninja tune)

*test--just lost my program notes. too tired to rewrite them. Know this--Detroit's Stacey Pullen recently inked a deal with the wonderful people at Ubiquity. His next record will be available domestically, unlike the current one, through the Virgin UK imprint Science. Don't wait to by the new Stones Throw funk compilation, "The Funky 16 Corners." I did and I can't believe I've been living so long without the Co Real Artists. Their rappy "What About You [In The World Today]" preceded "Rapper's Delight" and is just as delightful.

Monday, December 17, 2001

Play It As It Lays #046
December 15, 2001

*Frequent Flyer Edition.
The most spun artists in 2001 on Play It As It Lays.

Artist--song (label)

First Class
1. Barcelona--west coast radio (pulCec)
2. Grandaddy--miner at the dial-a-view (V2)
3. Rise Against--everchanging (fat)
4. Greyboy--hold it down (ubiquity)
5. The Poets of Rhythm--the jaunt (quannum)
6. Q-Burns Abstract Message--amusement park heart (astralwerks)
7. Beulah--silver lining (velocette)
8. Dynomite D--no excuses (slabco)

Business Class
9. Arling & Cameron--dirty robot (emperor norton)
10. Beatless--rock on (ubiquity)
11. Explosion Robinson--gold chain (slabco)
12. Foreign Legion--bike thief (matador)
13. Prefuse 73--smile in your face (warp)
14. Mark Robinson--dilated peoples (teenbeat)
15. Amon Tobin--bridge (ninja tune)
16. The White Stripes--i'm finding it harder to be a gentleman
(sympathy for the record industry)

17. Built to Spill--alarmed (warner bros.)
18. Calexico--sonic wind *instrumental mix (quarterstick)
19. Lloyd Cole--man on the verge (march)
20. Bebel Gilberto--tanto tempo *Peter Kruder remix (six degrees)
21. James Taylor Quartet--chalkpit (ubiquity)
22. Money Mark--information contraband (emperor norton)
23. Shuggie Otis--sparkle city (luaka bop)
24. The Shins--new slang (sub pop)
25. Solex--comely row (matador)
26. Sparklehorse--piano fire (capitol)
27. Stereolab--dust captain easychord (elektra)

*Program Notes: After tediously reviewing playlists from this last year I came up with the most frequently played artists on Play It As It Lays. Most artists released something during the year however, when it came time for the review, several songs were MIA. For example, in the case of Dynomite D, he collaborated on a track with Kid Koala on the Motel Records compilation "Bombay 2--Electric Vindaloo." I played that track quite a bit this year. However, being college radio, when you want a certain something you can't find that certain something. It was probably buried in the library under Pan Flutes of Ecuador.

This week's show was the first time I used a playlist. Usually I bring a few pieces with me as a starting point, pull new releases off the shelf I'm interested in using, then I give in to the moment. Play it as it lays. Get it? You'd think a playlist would make things easier. Not the case. For some reason I was breaking a sweat, so concerned with how the show was coming off (I was recording the show to mini-disc to share with my friends), I couldn't relax. Couldn't get into the groove. A playlist is a cumbersome tool, one that I haven't used for a couple years since my days in commercial radio. It's like Luke Skywalker racing through the Death Star's ruts--he's got all that clunky equimpent in the way, telling him how and when to do what. It's not until Obi-Wan tells him to use the force that he loses the junk and hits the target.

Compiling the most played artists from my show is much more fulfilling/useful/pragmatic than coming up with a Top 10 list of some sort at year's end. I couldn't care less what the critics think. It's much more interesting to know the music that people listen to the most. What's spinning on music-lovers decks, in their CD players? This is what I want to know. This is what I shared this week. Playlists are real, tangible, not some game of one-up-manship among critics. Let me know what you've been hooked on this year.

Saturday, December 08, 2001

Play It As It Lays #045
December 8, 2001
Artist/song (label)

1. Knapsack/shape of the fear (alias)
2. The Poster Children/0 for 1 (reprise)
3. Stacey Pullen/futuristikfreakqueen (virgin)
4. Tweaker/linoleum (six degrees)
5. Herbie Hancock/ionosphere (transparent)

6. Mum/i'm 9 today (thule)
7. Heather Duby/the way love used to be (sub pop)
8. Lloyd Cole/negative attitude (march)
9. Shawn Lee/happiness *ashley beedle mix (compost)
10. Sonic Generation/funky solution (cookin')

11. Steven/high tech fade (ape sounds)
12. Barcelona/west coast radio (pulCec)
13. Beulah/sunday under glass (sugar free)
14. Dick Hyman/flute loop (motel)
15. Prefuse 73/last light (warp)

16. DJ Cam/mental invasion (six degrees)
17. The Avalanches/frontier psychiatrist (modular)
18. Third Guitar/baby don't cry (slurped)
19. Love As Laughter/temptation island (sub pop)
20. Merrick/salesman (bryony)

21. Beatless/hercules (ubiquity)
22. Marcelo Radulovich/from case of the missing thumb (accretions)
23. The Rock*A*Teens/car and driver (merge)
24. Vincent Gallo/my beautiful white dog (warp)
25. David Axelrod/for land's sake (mo'wax)

26. Fugazi/sieve-fisted find (dischord)
27. Fugazi/number 5 (dischord)
28. DJ Food & DK/solid state mix (ninja tune):
>Jeru The Damaja/come clean
29. Moonstarr/dust (compost)

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Play It As It Lays #044
December 1, 2001

Artist/song (label)

1. The Avalanches/flight tonight (modular)
2. Money Mark/people's party (emperor norton)
3. Herbie Hancock/this is rob swift (transparent)
4. Elizabeth Cotten/oh babe, it ain't no lie (smithsonian folkways)
5. Aereogramme/post-tour, pre-judgement (matador)

6. Husker Du/from the gut (rhino)
7. The Dining Rooms/invocation (guidance)
8. Solex/comely row (matador)
9. Marbles/top of the morning (elephant 6)
10. Blackalicious/alphabet aerobics (quannum)

11. Four Tet/glasshead (ninja tune)
12. Som Tres/homenagem a mongo (six degrees)
13. Marumari/indigo florist (carpark)
14. Tino/it's christmas time (tino corp.)
15. Yuji Oniki/transport (future farmer)

16. Beulah/gene autry (velocette)
17. Permanent Green Light/portmanteau (rockville)
18. Jonathan Fire*Eater/the shape of things to come (dreamworks)
19. Hi Fi Killers/kojak cries (loosegroove)
20. David Holmes/gritty shaker (go beat/1500)

21. David Axelrod/fantasy for ralph (mo' wax)
22. Model/the next move (cookin')
23. Arsonists/language arts (matador)
24. Mogwai/fear satan *u-ziq remix (chemikal underground)
25. John Tejada & Divine Styler/ataraxis (sound-ink)

26. Minus The Bear/lemurs, man, lemurs (suicide squeeze)
27. Interfearance/theme from oblivion (ubiquity)