Saturday, June 22, 2002

program sixty-nine
June 22, 2002

1. Interpol--pda [matador]
2. Sonic Youth--plastic sun [dgc]
3. Fourtet--glue of the world [domino]
4. Medeski, Martin & Wood--pappy check [blue note]
5. Shane Endsley--after the snakepit [endsley]

6. Pretty Girls Make Graves--sad girls por vida [lookout]
7. People Under the Stairs--tales of kidd drunkadelic [om]
8. Prefuse 73--desks.pencils.bottles [warp]
9. The Centimeters--julian [space baby]
10. Elf Power--palace of the flames [spinArt]

11. Supersprite--gated buildings [audio dregs]
12. Beachwood Sparks--ghost dance 1492 [sub pop]
13. Dressy Bessy--i saw cinnamon [kindercore]
14. Tommy Keene--the man without a soul [spinArt]
15. Noam Chomsky--it's well know how to deal with drug problems [ak press]

16. Dino Felipe--dolipon [schematic]
17. Fundamental--serve it [self-released]
18. TTC--nonscience [big dada]
19. Capitol K--pillow [xl/beggars]
20. VHS or Beta--disco paradise [on!]

21. Stiff Little Fingers--suspect device [emi]
22. Arlo--little american [sub pop]
23. Rumah Sakit--no one likes a grumpy cripple [temp. residence]
24. Mellow--321 zero [emperor norton]
25. Baleen--unpaid porn star

26. The Kent 3--the palms [burn burn burn]
27. DJ Shadow--disavowed [mca/quannum]
28. Ray Barbee--a word aptly spoken [galaxia]
29. Nuspirit Helsinki--trying [guidance]
30. Toshack Highway--everyday, rock 'n' roll is saving my life [space baby]

Saturday, June 15, 2002

program sixty-eight
June 15, 2002

1. Slowride--montana [demo]
2. Sleeping Flies--enter the jivaro dub [ewb & kindercore]
3. All Natural--queens get the money [thrill jockey]
4. Beachwood Sparks--galapagos [sub pop]
5. The Ray Makers--contact high [eenie meenie]

6. Hem--stupid mouth shut [bar none/waveland]
7. Jack Dangers--structures [shadow]
8. Syrup--d/a/d [compost]
9. Fila Brazillia--spill the beans [23]
10. Marumari--octopus inc. mix [carpark]

11. Havalina--pluto [tooth & nail]
12. Avoid One Thing--next stop batteries [side one dummy]
13. Technicolor--technic(olor)al [dog print]
14. Looper--she's a knife [mute]
15. The Herbaliser--the turnaround [ninja tune]

16. Daniel Wang--pistol oderso [ghostly]
17. Ming Star--stalker song [mantra/beggars]
18. Claude Francois--ce soir je vais boire [emperor norton]
19. The Dining Rooms--invocation [guidance]
20. Wussom*pow!--country station [omnibus]

21. Bratmobile--i'm in the band [lookout]
22. Japancakes--duluth 75 [darla]
23. My Morning Jacket--o is the one that is real [jade tree]
24. Jack Costanza--quimbara *jazztronic mix [ubiquity]
25. Fundamental--the space between waiting [demo]

Saturday, June 08, 2002

program sixty-seven
June 8, 2002

1. No Knife--the red bedroom [dim mak]
2. The Trouble With Sweeney--most of it's mine [basement life]
3. DJ Shadow--mongrel meets his maker [mca/quannum]
4. Eleni Mandell--pirate song [space baby]
5. Plaid--stills [warp]

6. Guillermo E. Brown--gimme time tiempo [thirsty ear]
7. Aden--mango tree [teen beat]
8. Rob Swift--dope on plastic [asphodel]
9. Sukilove--talking in the dark [hidden agenda]
10. French Kicks-- when you heard you [startime]

11. Mum--i'm 9 today [thule]
12. The Polyphonic Spree--section 2 [good]
13. Ray Barbee--to soar on wings like eagles, now that would be nice [galaxian]
14. Cannanes w/ Explosion Robinson--you name it [slabco]
15. Le Tigre--tres bien *nouveau disco mix [mr. lady]

16. The Whitefield Brothers--sol walk [soul fire]
17. Greater California--everything's starting to happen [subtitled audio]
18. Speedy J--sonof [mute]
19. Ursula 1000--smokebomb [esl]
20. Jim Roll--desperado in the parking lot [telegraph co.]

21. Grandaddy--broken household appliance national forest [v2]
22. Kleenex Girl Wonder--no melody [march]
23. Black Science Orchestra--emancipation [sole]
24. Shakeyface--fishing for swords [quartermass]
25. Eastern Youth--bura bura bushi [better looking]

26. DJ Me DJ You--please enjoy [eenie meenie]
27. John Beltran--felicidad nova [ubiquity]

Saturday, June 01, 2002

program sixty-six
June 1, 2002

1. Papa Byrd--pure imagination [transistor]
2. DJ Shadow--right thing/gdmfsob [quannum/mca]
3. Sleeping Flies--locomotion [ewb/kindercore]
4. Radio 4--our town [gern blandsten]
5. Former Friend--i love this place [self-released]

6. E*vax--storm window [fuzzy box]
7. The Exit--lonely man's wallet [some]
8. Shakeyface--crazy, crazy like a fox [quartermass]
9. Shane Endsley--after the snakepit [endsley]
10. Kinky--tonos rosa [sonic 360/nettwerk]

11. Q-Burns Abstract Message--dreamland *thunderball mix [eighth dimension]
12. Imperial Teen--baby [merge]
13. Cinematic Orchestra--all that you give *herbert's raving dub [ninja tune]
14. El-P--dead disnee [definitive jux]
15. Rockers Hi Fi Meet Ella Fitzgerald--sunshine of your love [ubiquity]

16. Sentridoh--mountain on a hill [lou barlow]
17. Hausmeister--enger [karaoke kalk]
18. My Favorite--burning hearts [double agent]
19. Jim Roll--desperado in the parking lot [telegraph]
20. Six Cents & Natalie--devil in your heart [north of january]

21. Tino's breaks--intro latin beats [tino corp]
22. The Put-Ons--desperation girl [manic]
23. Ghetto Swing--mundo latino [chillifunk]
24. Guided By Voices--everywhere with helicopter [matador]
25. Diverse--move [chocolate industries]