Wednesday, October 09, 2002

program eighty-one
October 9, 2002

1. Tino's Breaks--wicked insane evil dub [tino corp]
2. The Unknown--pad out [bbe]
3. Sondre Lerche--suffused with love [astralwerks]
4. Jets To Brazil--cat heaven [jade tree]
5. Beneath Autumn Sky--winter solstice [dublab]

6. Bright Eyes--from a balance beam [saddle creek]
7. St. Etienne--amateur [beggars]
8. Ed Motta--um dom pra salvador [whatmusic]
9. Nightmares on Wax--70s 80s [warp]
10. The Bronx--false alarm [demo]

11. The Distraction--what do you know [dirtnap]
12. Yesterday's New Quintet--i am singing [stones throw]
13. The Apples in Stereo--rainfall [spinArt]
14. Low--canada [kranky]
15. Radio Zumbido--radio solola [palm pictures]

16. Soulive w/ Talib Kweli--bridge to bama [blue note]
17. Karate--airport [southern]
18. DJ Shadow w/ Mos Def--six days [a&m]
19. Meat Beat Manifest--supersoul [run]
20. Phil Ranelin--wife *prefuse 73 mix [hefty]

21. Bright Eyes--bowl of oranges [saddle creek]
22. Hot Hot Heat--no, not now [sub pop]
23. Silent Film Stars--half [demo]
24. Aphex Twin--we are the music makers [pias]
25. Lemon Jelly--spacewalk [beggars]

26. Masters of the Hemisphere--the gauntlet [kindercore]
27. Tino's Breaks--doomsday dub [tino corp]

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