Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Love is All--last choice [what's your rupture?}
A Block of Yellow--are you sure? [around sounds]
Longwave--no direction [original signal]
Let's Go Sailing--icicles *deadly syndrome remix [yardley pop/GR2]
Boy Eats Drum Machine--the crack in the sea [tender loving empire]
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins--two steps back [ubiquity]
Nightmares on Wax--195lbs [warp]
Amp Fiddler|Sly & Robbie--i fell on the wagon [strut]
The Bronx--knifeman [white drugs/original signal]
Of Montreal--id engager [polyvinyl]
The Rondelles--the upshot [teen beat]
Air Miami--dolphin expressway [teen beat]
Zumpano--the party rages on [sub pop]

Religious Knives--downstairs [ecstatic peace]
Autolux--sugarless [dmz]
Mother Mother--body [last gang]
Cause Co-motion--only fades away [slumberland]
Cause co-Motion--baby don't do it [slumberland]
Passion Pit--sleepyhead [french kiss]
The Streets--everything is borrowed [vice]
Reefer--may baleen [alpha pup]
Los Campesinos--ways to make it through the wall [arts & crafts]
Laika & The Cosmonauts--crosstown canyon [yep rock]
Mogwai--batcat [matador]
Skew--stadiums are ok too [it's bananas]
E*vax--what we meant [audio dregs]
The Knife--heartbeats [mute]
El Guincho--palmitos park [xl]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Mother Mother--body of years [last gang]
Von Iva--lala [none]
Pink Spiders--gimme chemicals [adrenaline]
The Mojomatics--miss me when i'm gone [ghost]
Love is All--movie romance [what's your rupture]
Boy Eats Drum Machine--the crack in the sea [tender loving empire]
Your Space Holiday--the truth hurts so this should be painless [mush]
Of Montreal--id engager [polyvinyl]
Love Grenades--tigers in the fire [none]
David Bryne--strange overtones [todo mundo]
The Dukes of Stratosphere--bike ride to the moon
Darker My Love--blue day [dangerbird]
Longwave--no direction [original signal]
The International Noise Conspiracy--child of god [vagrant]

Skew--in other words [it's bananas]
Solvent--operating ease [ghostly]
Howie B Vs Casino Royale--protect me [v2]
Tricky--council estate [domino]
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins--two steps back [ubiquity]
Me & You--last night *bassnectar remix [tru thoughts]
The Bamboos--funky buttercup [tru thoughts]
The Bad Hand--?dog ees eseeg od [daly city]
The Bronx--knifeman [white drugs]
Dead to Me--arrythmic palpitations [fat wreck chords]
A Block of Yellow--are you sure? [around sounds]
Beulah--sunday under glass [sugar free]
Deerhoof--the tears and music of love [kill rock stars]