Saturday, June 22, 2002

program sixty-nine
June 22, 2002

1. Interpol--pda [matador]
2. Sonic Youth--plastic sun [dgc]
3. Fourtet--glue of the world [domino]
4. Medeski, Martin & Wood--pappy check [blue note]
5. Shane Endsley--after the snakepit [endsley]

6. Pretty Girls Make Graves--sad girls por vida [lookout]
7. People Under the Stairs--tales of kidd drunkadelic [om]
8. Prefuse 73--desks.pencils.bottles [warp]
9. The Centimeters--julian [space baby]
10. Elf Power--palace of the flames [spinArt]

11. Supersprite--gated buildings [audio dregs]
12. Beachwood Sparks--ghost dance 1492 [sub pop]
13. Dressy Bessy--i saw cinnamon [kindercore]
14. Tommy Keene--the man without a soul [spinArt]
15. Noam Chomsky--it's well know how to deal with drug problems [ak press]

16. Dino Felipe--dolipon [schematic]
17. Fundamental--serve it [self-released]
18. TTC--nonscience [big dada]
19. Capitol K--pillow [xl/beggars]
20. VHS or Beta--disco paradise [on!]

21. Stiff Little Fingers--suspect device [emi]
22. Arlo--little american [sub pop]
23. Rumah Sakit--no one likes a grumpy cripple [temp. residence]
24. Mellow--321 zero [emperor norton]
25. Baleen--unpaid porn star

26. The Kent 3--the palms [burn burn burn]
27. DJ Shadow--disavowed [mca/quannum]
28. Ray Barbee--a word aptly spoken [galaxia]
29. Nuspirit Helsinki--trying [guidance]
30. Toshack Highway--everyday, rock 'n' roll is saving my life [space baby]

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