Saturday, July 30, 2011


Pictora--red dress
Grace Jones--williams blood [pias]
Brothers of Brazil--samba around the clock [sideone dummy]
Mattson 2--give inskis feat. Tommy Guerrero [galaxia]
Army Navy--ode to janice melt [the fever zone]
Vetiver--worse for the wear [sub pop]
Ikebe--tujunga [ubiquity]
Poly Styrene--virtual [future noise]
SBTRKT--wildfire [xl]
Battles--my machines feat. Gary Numan [warp]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--how can you luv me [fat possum]
Fountains of Wayne-someone's gonna break your heart [yeproc]
Ty Segall--goodbye bread [drag city]
Anna Morley--easy does it [none]

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour--fantasy friend forever
Cold Cave--confetti [matador]
Zomby--alothea [4ad]
Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland--glitch [warp]
The Japanese Popstars--let go [astralwerks]
F'ed Up--queen of hearts feat. Madeline Follin [matador]
Cults--most wanted [columbia]
Rubblebucket--silly fathers [roll call]
Thunderball--moon on the rise *fort knox five remix [esl]
Jeff the Brotherhood--bummer [infinity cat]
The Forms--fire to the ground [ernest jennings]
Fink--yesterday was hard on all of us [ninja tune]
Maren Parusel--kiss you [requiemme]
Tiger Darrow--the writer [none]
Minibikes--kill to feel
Com Truise--cathode girls [ghostly]

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Kids on a Crime Spree--sweet tooth [slumberland]
Minibikes--kill to feel [none]
Thurston Moore--benediction [matador]
Anna Morley--easy does it [none]
Pajama Club--tell me what you want [lester]
The Ettes--excuse [krian]
Art Brut--clever clever jazz [cooking vinyl]
Stornoway--zorbing [4ad]
Ty Segall--i can't feel it [drag city]
The Loud Family--soul drain [alias]
The Sky Drops--explain it to me [custom made]
Smashing Orange--the way that I love you [mca]
Mazes--surf & turf/maths tag [fat cat]
13 & God--its own sun [anticon]

Amon Tobin--goto 10 [ninja tune]
Ursula 1000--mondo beyondo [esl]
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour--the golden age
Kick Drums--perfect world [last gang]
Let's Wrestle--if i keep on loving you [merge]
Rival School--wring it out [photo finish]
Brothers of Brazil--samba around the clock [sideonedummy]
Japanese Pop Stars--let go [astralworks]
Matthew Dear--slowdance *bear in heaven remix [ghostly]
The Echocentrics--jardim [ubiquity]
Charles Bradley--heart of gold [daptone]
Explosions in the Sky--trembling hands [temporary residence]
Tomorrows Tulips--eternally teenage [galaxia]
Glasser--home [true panther]
Speak--carrie [modern art/ilg]
Miles Tilmann--the quickest way [six]

Saturday, July 16, 2011

w/ Martina

gregory and the hawk - doubtful - mmoeni and kitchi
lady bug - fraternity usa - destroy that boy
the blow - parentheses - paper television

brigitte bardot - everybody loves my baby -
st vincent - laughing with a mouth of blood - actor
rachael yamagata - worn me down -
bitter:sweet - sugar mama - drama

red aunts - handsome devil - salt box
eleanor friedberger - my mistakes - last summer **
be your own pet - damn damn leash - damn damn leash
little boots - eathquake - hands
the sounds - living in america - living in america
meg and dia - going away- here here and here

le tigre - tell you now - this island
vivian girls - the other girls - share the joy**
deerhoof - this magnificent bird will rise - reveille
mirah - cold cold water - advisory committee
shiny toy guns - major tom

cocorosie - lemonade - grey oceans**
dengue fever - durian dowry - cannibal courtship**
kimya dawson - being cool - my cutew fiend sweet princess
the fondettes - the beatles are in town - destory that boy
anya marina - clean and sober - miss halfway
may mcdonough - your body - spilt milk
ellie carlisle - puh-leaze mister hemmingway - listen to the banned

bis - powerpuff girls
best coast - each and everyday - crazy for you
eleanor friedberger - roosevelt island - last summer**
sarah jaffe - ever born again - ever born again**

yacht - shangrila - shangrila

Saturday, July 09, 2011


Matthew Dear--slowdance *bear in heaven remix [ghostly]
Sin Fang--because of the blood [morr]
Field Music--pieces [memphis industries]
I Was a King--someone is waiting [sounds familyre]
Memory Tapes--wait in the dark [carpark]
Mazes--surf & turf [fatcat]
Vetiver--can't you tell [sub pop]
Maritime--air arizona [dangerbird]
Matt Pond PA--love to get used [altitude]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--ffunnny ffrends [fat possum]
Dub is a Weapon--turmoil [harmonized]
Daedelus--tailor-made [ninja tune]
Graffiti6--annie you save me [captiol]
Cold Cave--underworld usa [matador]

A B & The Sea--in the sunshine
Kids on a Crime Spree--sweet tooth [slumberland]
Risers--rites of spring
The Ettes--excuse [krian]
Jeff the Brotherhood--bummer [infinity cat]
Battles--my machines [warp]
Ford & Lopatin--too much midi [mexican summer]
Brendan Perry--utopia [the end]
The Deer Tracks--fra ro raa / ro ra fraa [the control group]
Boots Electric--boots electric theme [dangerbird]
Every Avenue--no one but you [fearless]
Big Talk--getaways [epitaph]
Anna Morley--today the heart
SBTRKT--wildfire [xl]
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--how can you luv me [fat possum]

Saturday, July 02, 2011

w/ Martina

boots electric - boots electric theme - honkey kong**
fleet foxes - the plains/bitter dancer - helplessness blues**
i'm from barcelona - charlie parker - forever today
the crabs - february 15th - what were flames now smolder
yacht - summer city - anthony
blonde summer - silver jesus - eleganza
bb king - riding with the king - riding with the king
beatle-ettes - only seventeen
jeff the brotherhood - bummer - we are the champions
francoise hardy - ettones-moi, benoit
elizabeth mitchell and daniel littleton - you are my sunshine - sing along with putumayo
bon iver - towers - bon iver**
the womabts - schumacher the champagne -the modern glitch**
bonnie "prince" billy and the cairo gang - go folks, go - the wonder show of the world

cracked out - number song
dale earnhardt jr jr - vocal chords - it's a corporate world
deerhoof - my purple past - offend maggie
beachwood sparks - sing your thoughts - make the cowboy robots cry
sleighbells - a/b machines - treats
t. rex - teenage dream
hungry kids of hungary - you aint always right
dirty projectors - spray paint (the walls) - rise above
camera obscura - french navy
mazes - bowie knives - a thousand heys
st. vincent - out of work actor - actor
beach fossils - fall right in - what a pleasure
dum dum girls - blank girl - i will be
givers - ceiling of plankton - in light