Saturday, July 27, 2002

program seventy-four
July 27, 2002

1. The Reindeer Section--the grand parade [bright star]
2. Dabrye--won [eastern developments]
3. Love Generation--groovy summertime [sundazed]
4. Prefuse 73--it never entered [warp]
5. Sparklehorse--gold day [capitol]

6. The American Analog Set--these days *amanset keystroke mix [tiger style]
7. Barcelona--west coast radio [pulCec]
8. Sonic Youth--plastic sun [dgc]
9. Lettuce--superfred [velour]
10. OO-Soul--operation get down [demo]

11. Death By Chocolate--el graphic [jet set]
12. I Am The World Trade Center--big star [kindercore]
13. Le Tigre--les and ray [mr. lady]
14. Tino's Breaks--starsky beats hutch [tino corp]
15. The Ray Makers--moonflower *baldwin bros. mix [transistor]

16. Bis--don't let the rain come down [spinArt]
17. Fairview--right now [demo]
18. Zumpano--oh that atkinson girl [sub pop]
19. The New Pornographers--the body says no [mint]
20. Nathan Haines w/ Shelley Nelson--believe *kenny dope mix [chillifunk]

21. Kinky--ejercicio #16 [nettwerk/sonic 360]
22. Daedelus--adventress [plug research]
23. Soul Coughing--blue eyed devil [warner bros.]
24. Mum--faraway swimmingpool [fat cat]
25. Mum--today i'm 9 [thule]

26. Pepe & The Bottle Blondes--cuentame que te paso [geisha boy]
27. Ray Barbee--let's perservere [galaxia]
28. Fundamental--super sopno [demo]
29. Scapegoat Wax--crawlin' [hollywood]
30. Kraftwerk--pocket calculator [elektra]
31. TTC--nonscience [big dada]

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