Wednesday, December 18, 2002

program eighty-seven
December 18, 2002

1. Machine Drum--berim [merck]
2. Jason Anderson--astronaut, astronaut! [k]
3. Sleep Station--chicago [eyeball]
4. Polaris--addicted [mute]
5. Wendel--the baseball card song [wendel music]

6. Parlour--distractor [temporary residence]
7. PS--three words [speechless]
8. Francois K. featuring Barbara Mendes--awakening [wave]
9. Electric Company--puunene [simballrec]
10. Minus The Bear--monkey!!! knife!!! fight!!! [suicide squeeze]

11. Cat Power--nude as the news [matador]
12. Spark--dream in 8 bit [n5MD]
13. Squarepusher--do you know squarepusher [warp]
14. Life In A Blender--mobile wash unit [fang]
15. The Oranges Band--my street [lookout]

16. Elf Power--shadows in vain [orangetwin]
17. Dave Holland Big Band--the razor's edge [ecm]
18. Cat Power--he war [matador]
19. Sybarite--secropia [4ad]
20. Kinski--point that thing somewhere else [sub pop]

21. Ladytron--seventeen [emperor norton]
22. Rilo Kiley--the execution of all things [saddle creek]
23. Saddle Creek Christmas Players--little drummer boy [saddle creek]
24. Mr. Scruff--vibrate [ninja tune]
25. Themselves--poison pit [anticon]

26. Rokk--patience [ubiquity]
27. Amon Tobin--hey blondie [ninja tune]
28. Orchestra Baobab--gnawoe [world circuit/nonesuch]

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