Saturday, January 28, 2012

w/ Martina

best coast - boyfriend - crazy for you
beirut - elephant gun - lon giisland
the xx - islands - xx
friendly fires - hurting - pala
sufjan stevens - all good naysayers - michigan

flight of the conchrods - leggy blonde - flight of the conchords
the beatle-ettes - only seventeen
dirty projectors - stillness is the move - stillness is the move
ra ra riot - massachusetts - the orchard
jrk - come one and all - jrk

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Bing Ji Ling--everybody dub [tummy touch]
Cass McCombs--the same thing [domino]
Canasta--mexico city
Matthew Dear--headcage [ghostly]
Tycho--hours [ghostly]
School of Seven Bells--love from a stone [ghostly/vagrant]
Wild Fire--irene the avalance [greyday]
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour--heart attack [bmg]
Hess is More--going looking for the end of the world [nublu]
Chris Joss--toxic people [esl]
The Pimps of Joytime--keep that music playin' [wonderwheel]

Saturday, January 07, 2012


Frequent Flyer Edition - a look back at 2011

Cut Copy--alisa [modular]
Computer Magic--found out [white iris]
AM & Shawn Lee--dark into light [esl]
Tomorrows Tulips--eternally teenage [galaxia]
Veronica Falls--found love in a graveyard [slumberland]
Esben & The Witch--marching song [matador]
F'ed Up--queen of hearts [matador]
Mariachi El Bronx--48 roses [ato/white drugs]
Library Voices--if raymond carver was born in the 90s [nevado]
Tycho--dive [ghostly]

Then UCI basketball...