Saturday, March 16, 2002

Play It As It Lays #57
March 16, 2002

1. Plaid--stills [warp]
2. New Flesh--communicate [big dada]
3. Phil Ranelin--sounds from the villiage *morgan geist mix [hefty]
4. Sarah Shannon--down [casa]
5. St. Germain--soul salsa soul [pias]
6. Steven--hobbylobby [slabco]

7. Yoshihiro Hanno Meets Mick Karn--seafall [shadow]
8. Currituck Co.--hang your coat [teen beat]
9. Sean Na Na--spread the good feelin' [french kiss]
10. The Influents--simple girls [adeline]
11. Stereo Total--ma radio [bobsled]
12. The Sunshine Fix--age of the sun [emperor norton]

13. The Boris Gardiner Happening--ghetto funk [blood & fire]
14. Generoso Jimenez--vengo con sed [pimienta]
15. Kinky--soun tha mi primer amor [nettwerk/sonic 360]
16. Caurel--your memories on television [chocolate industries]
17. Dynomite D--and ya don't stop [slabco]
18. Mark Robinson--aluminum [teen beat]

19. Howard Hello--television [temporary residence]
20. Boards of Canada--music is math [warp]
21. Rinocerose--lost love [v2]
22. Greyboy--polyphonix [ubiquity]
23. Diverse--the unprefix [chocolate ind]
24. Granfaloon Bus--the far from perfect cha-cha [future farmer]

25. David Holmes--160 million dollar chinese man
26. Mismash--track eight [demo]

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