Wednesday, October 02, 2002

program eighty
October 2, 2002

1. Ray Barbee--a word aptly spoken [galaxia]
2. Tahiti 80--get yourself together [minty fresh]
3. Midwest Product--pigeons [ghostly international]
4. The John Wilkes Kissing Booth--motorcade [self-release]
5. Mark Robinson--dilated pupils [teen beat]

6. Dabrye--d-town tabernacle choir [east dev]
7. Carmel--nujazzkiller [fluid oz/ubiquity]
8. Urban Cuban--oye mulata [higher octave]
9. Gus Gus--david [moonshine]
10. Ladytron--black plastic [emperor norton]

11. Rilo Kiley--the execution of all things [saddle creek]
12. Shonen Knife--hot chocolate [big deal]
13. Rjd2--cut out to fl [definitive jux]
14. Prefuse 73--perverted undertone [dublab]
15. Of Montreal--jennifer louise [kindercore]

16. Future Bible Heroes--doris day the earth stood still [instinct]
17. Beat Conductor--lost lust [stones throw]
18. Jackpot--psycho ballerina [surf dog]
20. Radio Zumbido--radio solola [palm pictures]

21. Mr. Lif--new man theme [definitive jux]
22. Fuzz Townshend--funky delite [stinky]
23. Underworld--sola sistim [v2]
24. Thievery Corporation--all that we perceive [esl]
25. Aspects of physics--pulse width [imputor?]

26. Bright Eyes--from a balance beam [saddle creek]
27. The Apples in Stereo--do you understand? [spinArt]
28. Zuco 103--curso de reclamacao [six degrees]
29. Cassius--thrilla [astralwerks]

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