Saturday, May 04, 2002

program sixty-four
May 4, 2002

1. Jivaro--electro-fun [kindercore/ewb]
2. Kissing Spell--yellow moon [normal]
3. Flower Machine--dogs [drive in]
4. Astrud Gilberto--who need forever? *Thievery Corp. Mix [verve]
5. Future Pilot AKA--remember fun (like we was young) [geographic]

6. Deadman--three murders [lakeshore]
7. Papa Byrd--jimmy walker [transistor]
8. Luke Slater--only you [mute]
9. Autolux--angry candy [demo]
10. DJ Nobody--ballorettes [ubiquity]

11. Jel--subsong [mush]
12. Beatless--rock on [ubiquity]
13. Masters of the Hemisphere--sailboat kite [kindercore]
14. Fielding--glad [demo]
15. Tino--tino's beats [tino corp]

16. Desmond Williams--theme from a dream [esl]
17. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion--flavor part 2 [matador]
18. Gary Wilson--groovy girls make love at the beach [motel]
19. DJ Shadow--you can't go home again [mca/quannum]
20. Tortoise--monica [thrill jockey]

21. Marshmellow Coast--oblivion [misra]
22. Mum--green grass of tunnel [fat cat]

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