Wednesday, January 28, 2004

January 28, 2004

stream part one>>>

Bing Ji Ling--money in the meter [kreme kul]
Marvin Holmes--find yourself [ubiquity]
Minikon--snowball [kirakira]
Dani Siciliano--walk the line [k7]
Say Hi To Your Mom--super [euphobia]
Surrounded--high five hiero [deep elm]
Octavius--vacant/panic [mush]
The Like Young--expensive tastes [parasol]
Matthew Dear--dog days [spectral/ghostly]
Diverse--just biz [chocolate industries]
DJ Wally--a day in the life of [thirsty ear]
Electrelane--birds [too pure/beggars]

stream part two>>>

Dios--all said + done [true love/dim mak]
Coco B's--here comes sunshine [grand theft autumn]
Eyes Like Knives--one road [unsigned]
John Vanderslice--lunar landscapes [barsuk]
Parsley Sound--ease yourself and glide [mo'wax/beggars]
Telefon Tel Aviv--when it happens it moves all by itself [hefty]
George McCrae--i get lifted [soul jazz]
Louis XIV--god killed the queen [pineapple]
James Yorkston--someplace simple [domino]
Pacific UV--your girlfriend in the ivy [warm]
The Gasman--ajax [planet mu]
Living Science Foundation--seaswept [second-nature]
Drug Money--small thinking [hybrid]
Tracy Shedd--end of spring [teen beat]
Grant Willard Conspiracy--soft hand [kimchee]
Icarus--track 3 disc 2 [temporary residence]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs--maps [interscope]

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

January 21, 2004

Parsley Sound--spring's near [mo'wax]
Vicious Vicious--sinister summer [twentyseven]
Surrounded--on top of the world [deep elm]
Telefon Tel Aviv--when it happens it moves all by itself [hefty]
Bing Ji Ling--you shook me all night long [ubiquity]
Louie Vega--jungle fever [ubiquity]
Eltro--environs [absolutely kosher]
The High Speed Scene--for the kids [star trak/arista]
Verra Cruz--soul collides [crazeltown]
Howard Hello--giving up [temporary residence]
Ammoncontact--juno mas [plug research]
The Mountain Goats--palmcorder yanja [4ad]
Jets Overhead--take-out []

Camera Obscura--keep it clean [merge]
John Vanderslice--pale horse [barsuk]
Castle Oldchair--another big ocean [standard]
Against Me!--cliche guevara [fat]
Kid 606--andy warhol is dead but we still have hope [tigerbeat6]
Nervous Cop--rice precipitation [5rc]
Statistics--mr. nathan [jade tree]
Matthew Dear--but for you [spectral/ghostly]
Grauzone--film 2 [compost]
David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto--bamboo houses [compost]
Sweet Trip--noise is a social skill [darla]
Sugarman 3--funky so-and-so *Andy Smith mix [illicit]
Ultramagnetic MC's--give the drummer some
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames--music talk
Savath & Savalas--balcon sin flores [warp]
Petracovich--fall from trees [red button]
+/- trapped under ice floes [teen beat]

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

January 14, 2004
w/ special guest: Matt Costa

stream part one>>>

Entrance--careless love [tiger style]
The Books--the future, wouldn't that be nice? [tomlab]
Elbow--ribcage [V2]
Printed Circuit--mobira [catmobile]
The Notwist--this room *four tet & manitoba remix [domino]
Fizzle Like A Flood--like wind like rain [ernest jenning]
No River City--fainter on my tongue [six little shoes]
Matt Costa--acting like a fool [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--the two of us [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--sunshine [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--astair [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--tv gods [venerable]

stream part two>>>

Karminsky Experience--belly disco [esl]
Matthew Dear--dog days [spectral/ghostly]
Matt Costa--moving on [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--shimmering fields [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--sweet rose [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--tangerine puppet [live on kuci]
The Jessica Fletchers--bloody seventies love [rainbow quartz]
Lithops Scrypt--attached [thrill jockey]
Dizzee Rascal--fix up, look sharp [xl/matador]
Mountaineers--all my life [mute]
Laika--barefoot blues [too pure/beggars]
The Dylan Group--avila [fat cat]
Him--the way trees [bubblecore]
Him--join me [universal]

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

January 7, 2004

Exile--time has come [sound in color]
The Books--take time [tomlab]
The Decemberists--los angeles, i'm yours [kill rock stars]
Coco B's--here comes sunshine [grand theft autumn]
Matthew Dear--but for you [spectral/ghostly]
Daedelus--going unsteady [mush]
Minikon--orange blossom [kira kira]
The Jessica Fletchers--bloody seventies love [rainbow quartz]
Mighty Six Ninety--with you [demo]
The Music Lovers--this world vs. the next world [marriage]
Donna Regina--late [karaoke kalk]
Mountaineers--ripen [mute]
Halloween, Alaska--call it clear [princess]

The French--the stars, the moon, the sun and the clouds [too pure/beggars]
Grandaddy--my little skateboarding problem [will/V2]
Sufjan Stevens--say yes! to m!ch!gan! [asthmatic kitty]
DJ Wally--a day in the life [thirsty ear]
Ricci Rucker--there is nothing to compare to [sound in color]
The Lithium Project--camera obscurer [hydrogen dukebox/ubiquity]