Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Program Eighty-Two
October 16, 2002

1. Amon Tobin--cosmic retro intro outro [ninja tune]
2. Prince Valiant--backyard [bbe]
3. Fundamental--butter groove [self-released]
4. Future Bible Heroes--doris day the earth stood still [instinct]
5. His & Her Vanities--looking thru lab eye [science of sound]

6. Pill Module--wicked thing [demo]
7. Midwest Product--pigeons [ghostly]
8. The Instruments--sea chantey [orange twins]
9. Lemon Jelly--spacewalk [beggars]
10. The Highlighters--poppin' popcorn [stone's throw]

11. St. Etienne--got it together [astralwerks]
12. Arkestra One--skydiving [esl]
13. Blue States--studio 20 [esl]
14. Bright Eyes--from a balance beam [saddle creek]
15 Meat Beat Manifesto--what does it all mean [run]

16. Troublemakers--too old to die [guidance]
17. Soul Junk--ungst func slag collision [sounds are active]
18. Amon Tobin--verbal [ninja tune]
19. Hot Water Music--trusty chords [epitaph]
20. The Distraction--know your place [dirtnap]

21. Coco B's--big okie dokie [k double]
22. The Flaming Lips--in the morning of the magicians [warner bros]
23. Sondre Lerche--side two [astralwerks]
24. Recloose--ain't changing [planet e]

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