Tuesday, November 30, 2004

November 30, 2004

Calamalka--bumpea [plug research]
Styrofoam--front to back [morr music]
Ammoncontact--fun is for funky [plug research]
Maroons--ambush [quannum]
Handsome Boy Modeling School--class system [atlantic]
William Shatner w/ Lemon Jelly--together [shout factory]
Gravenhurst--black holes in the sand [warp]
GB--the black monolith [sound in color]
Jimmy Edgar--i wanna be your std [warp]
Spaghetti Western--eastwood's italy [adonis]

Bright Eyes--gold mine gutted [saddle creek]
Willy Mason--oxyen [team love]
Hanalei--smart means sick [thick]
The Album Leaf--thule [sub pop]
Pinback--fortress [touch and go]
Ko-Wreck Technique--metro dade [chocolate industries]
Chris Joss--discotheque dancing [esl]
Lee Fields & The Explorers--soul dynamite [soul fire]
Play Pretty For Baby--paratrooper disco [agency]
Bonk--waiting in a car [racing junior]
The Original Mark Edwards--20th century boy [princess]
Fila Brazillia--balloon lullaby [23]
Saul Williams--list of demands (reparations) [fader]
Heirospecs--5ves [razor & tie]

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

November 23, 2004
w/ guest DJ-In-Training: Angela

Psapp--rear moth [leaf]
Dntel--(this is) the dream of evan and chan [plug research]
The Notwist--solitaire [domino]
Flunk--miss world [guidance]
Savath & Savalas--ya estoy de vuelta [warp]
Subtle--F.K.O [lex]
Maroons--if [quannum]
Her Space Holiday--meet the pressure (blockhead remix) [mush]
As One--out of the darkness [ubiquity]
Sons And Daughters--johnny cash [domino]
Ulysses--glacier [eenie meenie]
Pavement--cut your hair [matador]
Ted Leo--me and mia [lookout]

Blonde Redhead--eqvvs [4ad]
IQU--crazy [sonic boom]
Tommy Guerrero--junk collector [mo'wax]
Bonobo--silver [tru thoughts]
Lali Puna--micronomic boom bip remix [morr]
Adem-- these are your friends [domino]
Devendra Banhart--ay mama [young god]
Apostle Of Hustle--song for lorea [arts & crafts]
Eggs-- skyscraper [teen beat]
Mad Man Moon-- little green men [self-release]
Bright Eyes--take it easy (love or nothing) [saddle creek]
Ladytron--sugar [emperor norton]
Solvent--operating ease [ghostly]

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

November 16, 2004
w/special guest: DIOS MALOS

Ammoncontact--through the moon [plug research]
Ammoncontact--fun is for funky [plug research]
Maroons--ambush [quannum]
Rob Sonic--dylsexia [definitive jux]
Solex--hot diggetydog run run run [arena rock]
Racetrack--do your homework [skrocki]
Travis Morrison--born in '72 [barsuk]
The Futureheads--robot [startime/sire]
Augie March--little wonder [spinArt]
Dios Malos--all said and done [live on kuci]
Dios Malos--starting five [live on kuci]
Dios Malos--everyday [live on kuci]

Karp--prison shake [up]
Dios Malos--you make me feel uncomfortable [live on kuci]
Dios Malos--you got me all wrong [live on kuci]
Dios Malos--broken bones [live on kuci]
Pinback--fortress [touch and go]
Sons & Daughters--johnny cash [domino]
Karate--water [southern]
Walking Concert--what's your new thing [some]
Shots Fired--rob mcfiver
The Marlboro Chorus--you'll be a maze [future appletree]
Mouse On Mars--send me shivers [thrill jockey]
Matthew Dear--takes on you [spectral/ghostly]
Subtle--i heart l.a. [lex]

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

November 09, 2004
w/special guest: KASKADE

Kaskade--maybe [om]
Kaskade--sweet love *chill remix [om]
Ming + FS--misdirected [om]
Kaskade--stepping out *chill remix [om]
Kaskade--i like the way [om]
Kaskade--it's you, it's me [om]
Kaskade--strum [om]
Kaskade--meditation to the groove [om]
Kaskade--everything [om]

Solvent--operating ease [ghostly]
Dosh--dark lord of the rhodes [anticon]
Toyen--abc of love [racing junior]
Matthew Dear--but for you [ghostly]
Client--radio [mute]
Dios Malos--starting five [startime]
Jonny Polonsky--let me out [loveless]
Reeve Oliver--i want burns [militia group]
Arcade Fire--neighborhood 3 (power out) [merge]
Helium--hole in the ground [pop narcotic]
Maplewood--indian summer [tee pee]
Pinback--afk [touch and go]

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

November 2, 2004

Z-Trip--for those about to vote *excerpt [djztrip.com]
Poster Children--clampdown [hidden agenda]
The Marlboro Chorus--you'll be a maze [future appletree]
The Futureheads--stupid & shallow [startime/sire]
The Futureheads--trying no to think about time [startime/sire]
The Explosion--deliver us [virgin]
Unkle--invasion [a&m]
Ulrich Schnauss--on my own [city centre/domino]

Racetrack--city lights [skrocki]
The Arcade Fire--neighborhood 3 (power out) [merge]
Dios Malos--starting five [startime]
Jon Sheffield--reaching kisses [notenuf]
Mouse On Mars--wipe that sound [thrill jockey]
Vast Aire--look mom...no hands [chocolate industries]
Dirty On Purpose--all new friends [self release]
Japancakes--keep drawing suns [warm]
Fingathing--lava [ninja tune]
.22--school song [roydale]
Isidore--musidora [brash]
Autolux--here comes everybody [dmz/red ink]