Tuesday, December 21, 2004

December 21, 2004
FREQUENT FLYERS--the most played artists in 2004

1st Class:
Matthew Dear--hide [spectral/ghostly]
Autolux--sugarless [dmz/red ink]
RJD2--clean living [def jux]
Dosh--naoise *cepia remix [dosh]
Ratatat--seventeen years [xl/beggars]
The Concretes--you can't hurry love [astralwerks]
Worm Is Green--love will tear us apart [arena rock]
Earlimart-the hidden track [live on kuci]

Business Class:
Ammoncontact--fun is for funky [plug research]
Greyboy--shades of grey mix CD tracks 1 & 2 [ubiquity]
Diverse--explosive [chocolate industries]
Diplo--sarah [big dada]
Daedelus--scaling snowdon [plug research]
Fila Brazillia--shellac [23]
Dykehouse--chain smoking [ghostly]
Saul Williams--grippo [fader]
Secret Mommy--the beach
Sixtoo--sidewinders [ninja tune]
Dios Malos--all said and done [live on kuci]

The Arcade Fire--neighborhood 2 (laika) [merge]
Donna Regina--late [karaoke kalk]
Sufjan Stevens--abraham [sounds familyre]
Parsley Sound--ease yourself and glide [mo'wax]
FNDMNTL--australian kiss [fndmntl.com]
Solvent--operating ease [ghostly]
Clorox Girls--don't take your life [smart guy]

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

December 14, 2004

Mouse On Mars--send me shivers [thrill jockey]
Hexstatic--chase me [ninja tune]
Maroons--don't stop [quannum]
Ammoncontact--fun is for funky [plug research]
Mayonnaise--because of [lunaticworks]
Gary Wilson--linda wants to be alone [stones throw]
Ladytron--sugar [emperor norton]
The Phenomenauts--where is the x-38 [springman]
The Cure--fire in cairo [fiction]
Daniel Johnston--impossible love [gammon]
Toyen--1 of a kind [racing junior]
Octet--anti-camp policy [plain]
Spaghetti Western--claus and lucas [adonis]

The Concretes--give a little [up]
Efterklang--swarming [leaf]
Climax Golden Twins--dead people [north east indie]
Silversun Pickups--dream @ tempo 119 [self release]
Earlimart--the hidden track [palm]
Tristeza--golden hill [better looking]
The Cansecos--beyond the river [darla/upper class]
Rogue Wave--end game [sub pop]
Psapp--rear moth [leaf]
Diplo--sarah [big dada]
Tussle--here it comes [troubleman unlimited]
Arcade Fire--neighborhood 2: laika [merge]

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

December 7, 2004

Psapp--calm down [leaf]
Lusine--ask you [ghostly]
Stafraenn Hakon--vogor [resonant]
DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo--melody [up above]
Solex--hot diggetydog run run run [arena rock]
The Prefects--escort girls [carpark]
Maximo Park--apply some pressure [warp]
Hot Snakes--kreative kontrol [swami]
Saturday Looks Good To Me--all over town [polyvinyl]
Autolux--here comes everybody [dmz]
Giant Drag--this isn't it [leftwing]
Her Space Holiday--my girlfriend's boyfriend *broken spindles mix [mush]
Arco--out of myself [dreamy]
Let's Go Sailing--icicles [self release]

Tussle--here it comes [troubleman unlimited]
Hexstatic--extra life [ninja tune]
Hexstatic--chase me [ninja tune]
Dempsey--hippy dream [output]
Matthew Dear--hide [ghostly]
Autolux--sugarless [dmz]
Air Formation--seethrustars [claire]
Ulysses--glacier [eenie meenie]
Hot IQs--firecracker [morning after]
Daniel Johnston--impossible love [gammon]
Polysics--kaja kaja goo [sony japan]
Carrier--finally over water [hideaway]
Keston & Westdal--sonny's cut [kestwest/78]