Tuesday, November 29, 2005

November 29, 2005

Caribou--handelschnapp [domino]
Mr. Scruff--limbic funk [ninja tune]
Koushik--be with [stones throw]
Cage--scenster [definitive jux]
The Free Design--umbrellas *peanut butter wolf mix [light in the attic]
Breakestra--you don't need a dance [ubiquity]
Mobius Band--detach [ghostly]
Tom Vek--nothing but green lights [star time]
Rogue Wave--publish my love [sub pop]
Pell Mell--bring on the china [sst]
Tim Fite--not a hit song [anti]
The Earlies--one of us is dead [secretly canadian]

Frequent Flyer--reach for the sun [pan-ami]
Nobody--white folding slowly (into blue remix) [ubiquity]
Jamie Lidell--multiply [warp]
Bing Ji Ling--money in the meter [kreme kul]
Luke Vibert/BJ Cole--swing lite-alright [astralwerks]
Sound Directions--dice game [stones throw]
Lyrics Born--i changed my mind *stereo mc's rattlesnake mix [quannum]
Dabrye--hyped up plus tax *2002 live version [ghostly]
Q-Burns Abstract Message--puff the magic [eighth dimension/astralwerks]
Les Rhythmes Digitales--jacques your body (make me sweat) [wall of sound]
Nickodemus--give the drummer some [wonderwheel]

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

November 22, 2005

3hive vs Music For Robots Round 1
w/ special guest Mark Willet from Music For Robots

download hour 1 [43MB, 96kbps]
Birdmonster--the resurrection song [self release]
Speaker Speaker--statues/shadows [self release]
Mazarin--the new american apathy [i and ear]
Stratageme--scripts [judah records]
Death From Above 1979--Black History Month *alan braxe & fred falke remix [vice]
The Morning After Girls--run for our lives [rainbow quartz]
The A-Sides--expressway to your heart [plain parade]
Action--something to say
Matt Costa--sweet thursday [venerable]
Bodies of Water--here comes my hand
Hanne Hukkelberg--ease [leaf]

download hour 2 [41MB, 96kbps]
Tom Vek--nothing but green lights *digitalism remix [kitsune]
Twink--pussy cat [seeland]
Whomadewho--roses [gomma]
Dizzy Gillespie--swing low, sweet cadillac *gerardo frisina remix [impulse]
Gnarls Barkley--crazy
Ohmega Watts--a request [ubiquity]
Jamie Lidell--multiply [warp]
Ray Barbee--there's a proper time and procedure for every matter [galaxia]
El Ten Eleven--central nervous piston [bar none]
B. Fleischman--aldebaran waltz [morr]

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

November 15, 2005

Mobius Band--the loving sounds of static [ghostly]
Spaghetti Western--dusty windowsills [adonis]
Calexico--sonic wind [quarterstick]
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra--windy city [ubiquity]
Speaker Speaker--statues/shadows [none]
Mazarin--the new american apathy [i and ear]
Dirty On Purpose--mind blindness [north street]
Mum--i'm 9 today [morr]
Clue To Kalo--seconds when it's minutes [mush]
Subtle--f.k.o. [lex]
Dabrye--nite eats day (money mix) *feat. Beans [ghostly]
Twink--animal talk [seeland]
Breakestra--you don't need a dance [ubiquity]
Marva Josie--he does it better *gilles peterson digs america [ubiquity]

Tristeza--bromas [better looking]
Ray Barbee--good hope [galaxia]
Donna Regina--how beautiful [karaoke kalk]
Broadcast--michael a grammar [warp]
Apostle Of Hustle--sleepwalking ballad [arts & crafts]
Subtle--i <3 l.a. [lex]
Death Vessel--deep in the horchada *sic [none]
Matt Costa--sweet thursday [venerable]
Matt Pond PA--so much trouble [altitude]
The Teeth--so long [park the van]
Cat Power--the greatest [matador]
Dios (Malos)--feels good being somebody [startime]
Grandaddy--pull the curtain [v2]
Rogue Wave--publish my love [sub pop]

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November 8, 2005

Test Shot Starfish--souvenirs [kanpai]
Blockhead--roll out the red carpet [ninja tune]
Cage--scenester [definitive jux]
Ammoncontact--naeem [ninja tune]
Lady Sovereign--random [chocolate industries]
Al Casey--buck jumpin'
Sound Directions--the funky side of life [stones throw]
Tom Vek--c-c (set the fire in me) [startime]
Why?--rubber traits [anticon]
Boards Of Canada--oscar see through red eye [warp]
Twink--mr. magic [seeland]
The Album Leaf--seal beach [acuarela]
The Album Leaf--essex [arena rock]

CALLA--it dawned on me [beggars]
Gravenhurst--cities beneath the seas [warp]
Air Miami--see-through plastic [4ad/teen beat]
The Go! Team--panther dash [columbia]
Sun Kil Moon--space travel is boring [caldo verde]
Low--nowhere man [razor & tie]
Hilken Mancini & Chris Colbourn--saint agnes eve [kimchee]
Me Without You--paper hanger [tooth and nail]
Mazarin--the new american apathy [i and ear]
Rogue Wave--publish my love [sub pop]
The World Experience Orchestra--the prayer *Gilles Peterson Digs America [ubiquity]
Ray Barbee--there's a proper time and procedure for every matter [galaxia]
Alias & Ehren--back and forth [anticon]

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

November 1, 2005

Greyboy--help is on the way [ubiquity]
Dabrye feat. Beans--nite eats day *money mix [ghostly]
Apsci--tirade highway [quannum]
Acid House Kings--do what you wanna do [twenty-seven]
Delaney--a quoi bon? [pehr]
General Elektriks--take you out tonight w/ lateef [quannum]
The Earlies--bring it back again [secretly canadian]
Broken Social Scene--ibi dreams of pavement (a better day) [arts & crafts]
El Ten Eleven--central nervous piston [bar none]
El Ten Eleven--lorge [bar none]
!!!--take ecstacy with me [touch and go]

Magnetophone--kel's vintage thought [4ad]
The Go Team--panther dash [columbia]
The Beautiful New Born Children--do the do [domino]
Goldspot--time bomb [union]
Grandaddy--pull the curtains [V2]
Silver Jews--sometimes a pony gets depressed [drag city]
David Dondero--south of the south [team love]
The Coral Sea--look at her face [red clover]
Sun Kil Moon--tiny cities made of ashes [caldo verde]
Margot & The Nuclear So & So's--quiet as a mouse [standard]
Gabor Szabo--mizrab *prefuse 73 remix [verve]
Marva Josie--he does it better *Gilles Peterson Digs America [luv n' haight]
Dangerdoom w/ Talib Kweli--old school [epitaph]
The Jimmy Castor Bunch--it's just begun [tommy boy]
Ray Barbee--there's a proper time and procedure for every matter [galaxia]