Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Program EIghty-Three
October 23, 2002

1. Mr. Scruff--come on grandad [ninja tune]
2. Courtial--losing you [ubiquity]
3. Nightmares On Wax--bleu my mind [warp]
4. Former Friend--make it right [self-release]
5. Future Bible Heroes--doris day the earth stood still [instinct]

6. Yeah!--jippie yeah! [highlight]
7. Royksopp--remind me [astralwerks]
8. The Space Lady--i had too much to dream (last night) [gammon]
9. The Bronx--nervous energy [demo]
10. Rjd2--good times roll pt. 2 [def jux]

11. The All-American Rejects--swing swing [doghouse]
12. Bright Eyes--from a balance beam [saddle creek]
13. Amon Tobin--hey blondie [ninja tune]
14. Crashland--lemonade [smart]
15. The Soft Boys--unprotected love [matador]

16. Mr. Scruff--vibrate [ninja tune]
17. P18--oye mulata [tabata]
18. John Beltran--felicidad nova [ubiquity]
19. Midwest Product--pigeons [ghostly]
20. Ladytron--seventeen [emperor norton]

21. Ed Motta--un dom pra salvador [what music]
22. Urban Renewal Program--wylin out *instrumental [chocolate ind.]
23. James Yorkston and The Athletes--in your hands [domino]
24. Sondre Lerche--modern nature [astralwerks]
25. Wagner--smoke and the DJ [demo]

26. West Coast Revival--feeling alright [ubiquity]
27. Make Up--i am pentagon [k]

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