Saturday, March 23, 2002

Play It As It Lays #58
March 23, 2002

1. Seafood--cloaking [nettwerk]
2. Req--something [warp]
3. Johnny Frigo--gazebo [ubiquity]
4. Sleeping Flies--locomotion [kindercore/ewb]
5. Rialto--london crawling [eagle]

6. Tiger Saw--blessed are the trials we will find [kimchee]
7. Soul Hooligan--algebra [maverick/freskanova]
8. Diverse--move [chocolate ind.]
9. Mum--bounce [klein]
10. Damien Jurado--like titanic [sub pop]

11. Hefner--the king of summer [too pure/beggars]
12. Cub Country--could be the moon [jade tree]
13. Milemarker--signal froze [jade tree]
14. I Am Spoonbender--stopwatch static [mint]
15. Phil Ranelin--black destiny [hefty]

16. As One--another revolution *stacey pullen mix [ubiquity]
17. Bob Mould--180 rain [granary]
18. Desmond Williams--theme from a dream [esl]
19. Lee Fields & The Explorers--ain't it funky now [soul fire]
20. Aarktica--song for a free williamsburg [darla]

21. Anti-Pop Consortium--bubblz [warp]
22. Marumari--indigo florist [carpark]
23. The Cave-Ins--winter's not over [omnibus]
24. The Sunshine Fix--that ole sun [emperor norton]
25. Zero 7--destiny [palm pictures]

26. Negativland--tv trivia [seeland]
27. Chicago Underground Duo--lifelines [thrill jockey]

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