Wednesday, February 25, 2004

February 25, 2004
w/ special guests Ill Lit

Coley Park--cain chair [shady lane]
Blonde Redhead--elephant woman [4ad/beggars]
The Robot Ate Me--the genocide ball [swim slowly]
Ammoncontact--house plants [plug research]
DJ Food--consciousness *ashley beedle mix [ninja tune]
Danger Mouse--dirt off your shoulder [danger mouse]
All The People--cramp your style [soul jazz]
Arms of Kismet--karma never forgets [wampus]
Entrance--careless love [tiger style]
Lambchop--the lone official [merge]
Carla Bozulich--time of the preacher [diCristina stair builders]
Department of Eagles--noam chomsky spring break 2002 [isota]
The Faraway Places--marvelous error [eenie meenie]

Ill Lit--whitewashing [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--welschratz [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--in the thick [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--mostly fair skies [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--breathless [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--satan's jeweled crown [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--i would be true [live on kuci]

The High Llamas--calloway [drag city]
Savath & Savalas--dejame [warp]
Pilot to Gunner--barrio superstar [arena rock]
Howard Hello--giving up [temporary residence]
Nice Nice--cold sweat part xvi [temporary residence]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs--date with the night [interscope]

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

February 18, 2004
w/ special guest:By Death's Design (Las Vegas)

Nice Nice--cold sweat part xvi [temporary residence]
Matthew Dear--but for you [spectral/ghostly]
Willard Grant Conspiracy--soft hand [kimchee]
By Death's Design--suffer [live on kuci]
By Death's Design--good and evil [live on kuci]
By Death's Design--beauty pagents [live on kuci]
By Death's Design--destiny was a hoax [live on kuci]
By Death's Design--death [live on kuci]
By Death's Design--in the arms of achievers [live on kuci]
Calla--only drowning men [quartermass/arena rock]
All Night Radio--daylight till dawn [sub pop]
Dizzee Rascal--fix up, look sharp [matador/xl]

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

February 11, 2004

Tortoise--c.t.a. [chocolate industries]
Karminsky Experince--a little happening [esl]
King Britt feat. Quasimoto--spaces [bbe/lalazar]
The Unicorns--tuff ghost [alien 8]
Dudley Perkins--money [stones throw]
Exile--get up [sound in color]
Phil Ranelin--sounds from the village *morgan geist mix [hefty]
The Fall--wrong place, right time [beggars]
Louis XIV--louis xiv [pineapple]
The French--gabriel in the airport [too pure/beggars]
The Faraway Places--another life [eenie meenie]
April March--le code rural [le pop musik]
Ammoncontact--house plants [plug research]
Dosh--water turn off notice [anticon]

Dios--all said + done [true love/dim mak]
Greyboy w/Bart Davenport--genevieve [ubiquity]
Dizzee Rascal--fix up, look sharp [matador/xl]
Operatic--what's everlasting [demo]
Franz Ferdinand--darts of pleasure [domino]
Robbers On High Street--hot sluts (say i love you) [scratchie/new line]
Richard Devine--corina chirac [asphodel]
Jason Collett--it won't be long [arts & crafts]
Future Bible Heroes--losing your affection [instinct]
DangerMouse--december 4th [--]
DW & Fat Jack--closed doors [city massive]
Stereolab--margerine rock [elektra]
ae--uh [sonig]
Lotek Hi-Fi--perolator [big dada]
Parsley Sound--ease yourself and glide [mo'wax/beggars]

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

February 4, 2004

stream part one>>>
Donna Regina--late [karaoke kalk]
Nobody--porpoise song [ubiquity]
Dabrye--with a professional [ghostly]
Coley Park--cain chair [shady lane]
Reclinerland--come on summer [hush]
Bexar Bexar--where she lives every day [western vinyl]
Junkie XL--perfect blue sky [koch]
Lomax--the bodies of journalists [93 records]
Mighty Six Ninety--with you [demo]
The Unicorns--tuff ghost [alien 8]
Phil Ranelin--wife *prefuse 73 remix [hefty]
Dosh--india india [anticon]
The Wannadies--nothing wrong [hidden agenda]
Bing Ji Ling--you shook me all night long [ubiquity]
Gwen McCrae--90% of me is you [soul jazz]

stream part two>>>
Parsley Sound--spring's near [mo'wax/beggars]
The Walkmen--the rat [record colletion]
Arms of Kismet--foldback [wampus]
The Kingdom Flying Club--artists are boring [emergency umbrella]
Telefon Tel Aviv--what it was will never again [hefty]
Her Space Holiday--my girlfriend's boyfriend [mush]
Pilot To Gunner--barrio superstarrio [arena rock]
The Elected--7 september 2003 [sub pop]
Audio Out Send--radio elevator rising [flashcard project]
Savath & Savalas--colores sin nombre [warp]
P'taah--baltimore oriole [ubiquity]
Luke Vibert--liptones [warp]
The American Analog Set--come home baby julie, come home [tiger style]
Willard Grant Conspiracy--soft hand [kimchee]
+/- she's got your eyes [teen beat]