Wednesday, April 30, 2003

no. 103

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Soul Position--oxford you really owe me [rhymesayers]
Tommy Guerrero--thank you [mo'wax]
Prozak Turner--wonderful life [dreamworks]
Foreign Legion--feel the music [look]
Earlimart--movies [live on kuci]
Miles Tilmann--the quickest way [six]
Yo La Tengo--season of the shark [matador]
Marumari--saka [carpark]
Cat Power--he war [matador]
The Postal Service--we will become silhouettes [sub pop]
Grandaddy--i'm on standby [v2]

Goldfrapp--train [mute]
Flin Flon--chicoutimi [teen beat]
Cursive--gentleman caller [saddle creek]
Meat Beat Manifesto--supersoul [run]
Nicola Conte--forma 2000 *remix of Les Gammas [esl]
Erlend Oye--every party has a winner and a loser *prefuse 73 [astralwerks/source]
Prefuse 73--the color of tempo [warp]
Flunk--honey's in love [guidance]
Death By Chocolate--el graphic [jetset]
Mitch & Mickey--a kiss at the end of the rainbow [sony]
Bus Driver & Radioactive w/ Daedelus--exaggerated joy [mush]
Morgan Geist--lullaby [environ]
The Drips--fountains [demo]

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

no. 102
April 23, 2003

Aubergine 3--sultro-matic principle [transistor]
Cursive--gentleman caller [saddle creek]
Calla--monument [arena rock]
Grandaddy--now it's on [v2]
The Folksmen--never did no wanderin' [sony]
Prefuse 73--uprock & invigorate [warp]
Daedelus--experience [plug research]
Najite Olokun Prophecy--lasisi [sofa disk/plug research]
Whirlwind Heat--orange [third man]
Rise Against--like an angel [fat]
Akrobatik--remind my soul [coup d' tat]
The Funky Lowlives--urban illusion [stereo deluxe]
Midwest Product--clicks and crackers [ghostly international]
The High Llamas--stop trainer [v2/alpaca]
Cody Chestnutt--up in a treehouse [ready set go]
Goldfrapp--train [mute]
Visage--tar [polydor]
Cursive--sierra [saddle creek]
the Birdcircuit--dry your eyes [anabel]

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

no. 101
April 9, 2003
Special Guest: George Sarah
Ossia out now.

Nobukazu Takemura--tadasu no mori [thrill jockey]
Soul Position--oxford you really owe me [rhymesayers]
Mickey And The Soul Generation--southern fried fun (1st Movement) [quannum]
Prefuse 73--storm returns w/ Tommy Guerrero [warp]
Schneider TM--the light 3000 [mute]
The Apples In Stereo--do you understand? [spinArt]
Stephen Malkmus--(do not feed the) oyster [matador]
Earlimart--lazy feet 23 [palm]
Flunk--honey's in love [guidance]
George Sarah--grey world under electric light [transistor]
George Sarah--1920 [transistor]
Mum--green grass of tunnel [fat cat]

George Sarah--where is huggy bear? [transistor]
George Sarah--source cue 3 [transistor]
Figurine--stranger [march records]
George Sarah--aida [transistor]
George Sarah--drowning room [transistor]
Mirah--cold cold water [k]
George Sarah--the t.v. is in my eye [transistor]
Prefuse 73--detchibe [warp]
Funky Porcini--what are you looking at? [ninja tune]

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

no. 100
April 2, 2003
Special Guest: Earlimart
Everybody Down Here available April 22, 2003

Mr. Fusion--fiona []
Marumari--saka [car park]
The Bird Circuit--dry your eyes [anabel]
Jetplane Landing--acrimony [yogaboy]
The Poets Of Rhythm--fondle rock [quannum]
I Am The World Trade Center--the postcard [kindercore]
DJ Spectra--boots [s.h.a.d.o.]
Souls of Mischief--spark *rjd2 mix [chocolate ind.]
George Sarah--1920 [transistor]
Quasimoto--real eyes [stones throw]
The Bell Rays--i lost the feeling [upper cut]
Orlando Julius & His Afro Sounders--james brown ride on [strut]
Earlimart--we're so happy (we left the piano in the truck) [palm]
Smog--came blue [drag city]
Nobukazu Takemura--tadasu no mori [thrill jockey]

The Seldom Scene--the small exception of me [cracker barrel]
DJ Shadow--high noon [mo'wax]
Earlimart--burning the cow [palm]
Soul Position--oxford you really owe me [rhymesayers]
DJ Food--ageing young rebel [ninja tune]
Earlimart--the movies [live on KUCI]
Earlimart--interloper [live on KUCI]
Earlimart--parking lots [live on KUCI]
Earlimart--we drink on the job [live on KUCI]
Earlimart--the dreaming of... [live on KUCI]
Earlimart--we drink on the job [palm]
Earlimart--lazy feet [palm]
Four Tet--glue of the world [domino]

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