Saturday, March 30, 2002

Play It As It Lays #59
March 30, 2002

1. Bullet Train To Vegas--nice going, laslow [demo]
2. Baldwin Brothers--that's right [tvt]
3. Blackalicious--make you feel that way [mca/quannum]
4. Req--i seek [warp]
5. Super Furry Animals--sidewalk serfer girl [xl/beggars]

6. Antibalas--talkatif [ninja tune]
7. Explosion Robinson--chop cuts [slabco]
8. Massive Attack--three [circa/virgin]
9. The Dining Rooms--invocation [guidance]
10. Greyboy--parkside bounce [ubiquity]

11. The High Fidelity--ithanku [freedom in exile]
12. Neil Halstead--driving with bert [4ad]
13. Tosca--orozco *dubphonic dub [k7]
14. 764 Hero--skylines [tiger style]
15. Grandaddy--12-PAK-599 [lakeshore]

16. Cornelius--brazil [matador]
17. Marshmellow Coast--ghost with wisdom [misra]
18. Retisonic--i don't drink (with co-workers) [leisure class]
19. Stephen Malkmus--jo jo's jacket [matador]
20. Hot Snakes--salton sea [sympathy for the record industry]

21. Piebald--rich people can breed [bwr]
22. Mum--boycharge [klein]
23. Plaid--stills [warp]
24. Greyboy--bath music [ubiquity]
25. Stacey Pullen--liquid letter [ubiquity]

Saturday, March 23, 2002

Play It As It Lays #58
March 23, 2002

1. Seafood--cloaking [nettwerk]
2. Req--something [warp]
3. Johnny Frigo--gazebo [ubiquity]
4. Sleeping Flies--locomotion [kindercore/ewb]
5. Rialto--london crawling [eagle]

6. Tiger Saw--blessed are the trials we will find [kimchee]
7. Soul Hooligan--algebra [maverick/freskanova]
8. Diverse--move [chocolate ind.]
9. Mum--bounce [klein]
10. Damien Jurado--like titanic [sub pop]

11. Hefner--the king of summer [too pure/beggars]
12. Cub Country--could be the moon [jade tree]
13. Milemarker--signal froze [jade tree]
14. I Am Spoonbender--stopwatch static [mint]
15. Phil Ranelin--black destiny [hefty]

16. As One--another revolution *stacey pullen mix [ubiquity]
17. Bob Mould--180 rain [granary]
18. Desmond Williams--theme from a dream [esl]
19. Lee Fields & The Explorers--ain't it funky now [soul fire]
20. Aarktica--song for a free williamsburg [darla]

21. Anti-Pop Consortium--bubblz [warp]
22. Marumari--indigo florist [carpark]
23. The Cave-Ins--winter's not over [omnibus]
24. The Sunshine Fix--that ole sun [emperor norton]
25. Zero 7--destiny [palm pictures]

26. Negativland--tv trivia [seeland]
27. Chicago Underground Duo--lifelines [thrill jockey]

Saturday, March 16, 2002

Play It As It Lays #57
March 16, 2002

1. Plaid--stills [warp]
2. New Flesh--communicate [big dada]
3. Phil Ranelin--sounds from the villiage *morgan geist mix [hefty]
4. Sarah Shannon--down [casa]
5. St. Germain--soul salsa soul [pias]
6. Steven--hobbylobby [slabco]

7. Yoshihiro Hanno Meets Mick Karn--seafall [shadow]
8. Currituck Co.--hang your coat [teen beat]
9. Sean Na Na--spread the good feelin' [french kiss]
10. The Influents--simple girls [adeline]
11. Stereo Total--ma radio [bobsled]
12. The Sunshine Fix--age of the sun [emperor norton]

13. The Boris Gardiner Happening--ghetto funk [blood & fire]
14. Generoso Jimenez--vengo con sed [pimienta]
15. Kinky--soun tha mi primer amor [nettwerk/sonic 360]
16. Caurel--your memories on television [chocolate industries]
17. Dynomite D--and ya don't stop [slabco]
18. Mark Robinson--aluminum [teen beat]

19. Howard Hello--television [temporary residence]
20. Boards of Canada--music is math [warp]
21. Rinocerose--lost love [v2]
22. Greyboy--polyphonix [ubiquity]
23. Diverse--the unprefix [chocolate ind]
24. Granfaloon Bus--the far from perfect cha-cha [future farmer]

25. David Holmes--160 million dollar chinese man
26. Mismash--track eight [demo]

Saturday, March 09, 2002

Play It As It Lays #56
March 09, 2002

1. Req--something [warp]
2. The Sugarman Three--solid funk [soul fire]
3. Action Figure Party--everybody ready [blue thumb]
4. Buffalo Daughter--five minutes [emperor norton]
5. The Poets of Rhythm--funky train [shadow]
6. Minus The Bear--lemurs, man, lemurs [suicide squeeze]

7. Greyboy--ghetto boogie [ubiquity]
8. DJ Food--monocle *silver dub [ninja tune]
9. Kaito--fresno song [future farmer]
10. The Promise Ring--suffer never [anti]
11. +/- beverly road [teen beat]
12. Remington Super 60--always trust the samba [north of january]

13. Action Figure Party--george & cindy [blue thumb]
14. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion--bellbottoms *unkle mix [matador]
15. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion--afro [au gogo]
16. Neil Halstead--hi-lo and in between [4ad]
17. Damien Jurado--air show disaster [sub pop]
18. Cornelius--smoke [matador]

19. Plaid--shackbu [warp]
20. Clinic--come into our room [domino]
21. DJ Cam--juliet [six degrees]
22. Atjazz--casa de ilusion [mantis]
23. Herbie Hancock--this is rob swift [transparent]
24. Push Button Objects--360 *dj spinna mix [chocolate ind.]

Saturday, March 02, 2002

Play It As It Lays #55
March 02, 2002

1. Phil Ranelin--vibes from the tribe *nobody mix (hefty)
2. Phil Ranelin--black destiny (hefty)
3. Azure Ray--no signs of pain (saddle creek)
4. Domu--body electric (dipiu)
5. Cylob--rewind (rephlex)

6. Live Human--lagoona's bliss *elephant mix (matador)
7. Kinky--soun tha primer amor (nettwerk)
8. Lambchop--d. scott parsley (merge)
9. Cub Country--o great telephone (jade tree)
10. Clouddead--bike (shadow/mush)

11. Adult--mouth to mouth (ersatz audio)
12. Boards of Canada--music is math (matador)
13. Greater California--she glows (subtitled audio)
14. They Come In Threes--rubber band collection (fall of rome)
15. Michael Franti & Spearhead--stay human *stereo steambath mix (six degrees)

16. Fog--pneumonia (ninja tune)
17. New Flesh--more fire (big dada)
18. Sonic Generation--funky solution (cookin')
19. Roots Manuva--witness [1 hope] (big dada)
20. Sybarite--invisible magnetic missive (temporary residence)

21. Fussible--omni (head+arm)
22. Club 8--friends and lovers (hidden agenda)
23. Flin Flon--mistassini (teen beat)
24. Cujo--fat ass joint (shadow)