Wednesday, January 29, 2003

program ninety-two
January 29, 2002
Special Guest: Steven of Slabco!

Bettie Serveert--smack [hidden agenda]
The Dining Rooms--invocation [guidance]
They Walk In Line--pension for fairfax [self release]
Draco--paprika [positive productions]
The Cannanes w/ Explosion Robinson--you name it [slabco]
Land of the Loops--eastes park [slabco]
Volume All*Star--girls town *dynomite d remix [slabco]
Sientific American--the flower sermon [slabco]
Sientific American--boost the mid-range [slabco]

Steven--kitkope [slabco]
Draco--scientifik longhair [positive productions]
Sukpatch--au pair [slabco]
Buckminster Fuzeboard--mrs. pretzel stretch [slabco]
Dynomite D--stick'em [slabco]
Analog Cabin--attack of the 50ft fat boys [slabco]
Explosion Robinson--down home [slabco]
Spoon--the way we get by [merge]
The Pixies--i've been waiting for you [4ad]
Songs:Ohia--didn't it rain [secretly canadian]
Her Space Holiday--hassle free harmony [tiger style]

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2.12 Books On Tape live in-studio

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

program ninety-one
January 22, 2003

The Drips--coastline [demo]
Simpletones--california [posh boy]
Cex--OD'd on first base [tigerbeat 6]
Mr. Scruff--sweet smoke [ninja tune]
Lee Fields--get on the good foot [soul fire]
Steven--magazines [slabco]
Shuggie Otis--strawberry letter 23 [luaka bop]
Kid Dakota--so pretty [chairkickers]
Minus The Bear--monkey!!! knife!!! fight!!! [suicide squeeze]
Flunk--honey's in love [guidance]
DJ Cam--mental invasion [six dakota]
Identification--dumbell [cocosolidciti]
Spoon--the way we get by [merge]
Unbunny--5th of july [two ton santa]

Add N to {X}--take me to your leader [mute]
Nightmares On Wax--70s 80s [warp]
Brokeback--lupe [thrill jockey]
Matthew Shipp--equilibrium [thirsty ear]
Superdrag--i can't wait [arena rock]
Great Lakes--sister city [orange twin]
Sonic Torpedoes--crooked hill [fat sounds]
Books On Tape--sad song, winter version [deathbomb arc]
Number One Cup--concordia [flydaddy]
Number One Cup--malcolm's x-ray picnic [flydaddy]
Medicine--something goes wrong [american]
Sybarite--the fourth day [4ad]
Fundamental--acoustic tower []
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System--a.p. steppa [m]
Liars--grown men don't fall in the river, just like that [mute]
Barcelona--studio hair gel [march]
The Pattern--fragile awareness [lookout]

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1.29 Steven from Slabco live in-studio
2.12 Books On Tape live in-studio

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

program ninety
January 15, 2003

play it as it lays: briefly

Casino Versus Japan--single variation of two [carpark]
Earlimart--susan's husband's gunshop [palm]
Tubeway Army--you are in my vision [beggars]
DJ Me DJ You--trouble [eenie meenie]
Cuica--why not samba? [ubiquity]
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood--some velvet morning [warp]
We Ragazzi--forever surrender 2 u [self starter foundation]
Michael Miller Crusade--mary [shiny shiny]

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

program eighty-nine
January 8, 2003
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Marie Queenie Lyons--your thing ain't no good without my thing [ace]
The Roots--rolling with heat [mca]
Daedelus--girls (featuring abstract rude & busdriver0 [plug research]
Charlene--sugarblocker [sharkattack!]
Books On Tape--sad song, winter version [deathbomb arc]
Cordero--hellfire [daemon]
Simian--sunshine [astralwerks]
His Name Is Alive--beech boys [4ad]
The Maybellines--wait for you [best friends]
Canyon--radio driver [gern blandsten]
Alex Gordon--oleander [tone casualties]
Marvin Gaye--hitch hike [motown]
Supersoul--klinga *push button objects remix [metatronix]

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

program eighty-eight
January 1, 2003

1. Mr. Fusion--fiona [demo]
2. Desaparecidos--man and wife, the former [saddle creek]
3. Seaweed--days missed dearly [mere exposure]
4. Arab Strap--the first big weekend [matador]
5. Antibalas w/ Jojo Quo--uprising parts 1 & 2 [harmless]

6. Books On Tape--sad song, winter version [deathbomb arc]
7. Add N to {X}--take me to your leader [mute]
8. Sybarite--renzo piano [4ad]
9. Graig Markel--hello hello [pattern 25]
10. True Love Always--sidewalks and spaces [teen beat]

11. The Streets--don't mug yourself [pure groove/atlantic]
12. The Paper Chase--i'm gonna spend the rest of my life lying [beatville]
13. Lee Fields--problems [soul fire]
14. Make Up--c'mon, let's spawn [k]
15. The Original Instrument--happy we do [kracfive]

16. Sad Like Crazy--wonderboy [ojet]
17. Boards of Canada--iced cooly [warp]
18. We Ragazzi--i want you 2 love me so much [self-starter foundation]
19. Theoretical Girls--u.s. millie [acute]
20. Ikara Colt--bishop's son [epitaph]

21. Utah Phillips--enola gay [rounder]
22. Meat Beat Manifesto--spinning round [run]
23. West Coast Revival--feelin' alright [ubiquity]
24. Holland--the lebanon [carrot top]
25. Aislers Set--friends of the heroes [slumberland]

26. Books On Tape--sporty but sensible car [deathbomb arc]
27. Stereotyperider--ones for you [suburban home]
28. The Belles--his undoing, was his undoing [lakeshore]
29. John Beltran--felicidad nova [ubiquity]