Saturday, April 27, 2002

program sixty-three
April 28, 2002

1. Mum/i'm 9 today [thule]
2. Kleenex Girl Wonder--[no melody]
3. Papa Byrd--pure imagination [transistor]
4. Cesar Pedroso--el vecino se mudo [pimienta]
5. Bebel Gilberto--sem contencao *truby trio remix [six degrees]

6. The Whitefield Brothers--sol walk [soul fire]
7. Saloon--le weekend [darla]
8. Luna--orange peel [jet set]
9. Frou Frou--breathe in [island]
10. The Herbaliser--verbal anime [ninja tune]

11. Hawke--party people *q-burns & huggy remix [six degrees]
12. Yesterday's New Quintet--daylight [ubiquity]
13. Girls Against Boys--kicking the lights [jade tree]
14. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion--she said [matador]
15. Seafood--pleasurehead [nettwerk]

16. Jivaro--electrofun [ewb/kindercore]
17. Ozma--battlescars [kung fu]
18. Mum--green grass of tunnel [fat cat]
19. The Cinematic Orchestra--all that you give [ninja tune]
20. Blackalicious--make you feel that way [quannum/mca]

21. Euphone--fanfare [bubblecore]
22. +/- crestfallen [teen beat]
23. Cuica-- trommel monster *ph remix [ubiquity]

Saturday, April 20, 2002

program sixty-two
April 20, 2002

1. Denali--you file [jade tree]
2. Autolux--turnstile blues [demo]
3. DJ Shadow--you can't go home again [quannum/mca]
4. Part Time--let's do it today [bbe]
5. Ursula 1000--smokebomb [esl]

6. Kinky--mirando de lado [nettwerk]
7. Havalina--space & mexico [tooth & nail]
8. Actionslacks--annie oakley [post-parlo]
9. King Kooba--afrique [om]
10. Mr. Fusion--bedbugs [live on kuci]
11. Mr. Fusion--the shakes [live on kuci]

12. The Rock*A*Teens--to lady ben & all her friends [moodswing]
13. Jonny Polonsky--love lovely love [american]
14. Mum--boycharge [klein]
15. Playgroup--bring it on [astralwerks]
16. Antibalas--world without fear [ninja tune]

17. Air--don't be light (malibu mix) [astralwerks]
18. Plaid--mfaus [warp]
19. Kleenex Girl Wonder--no melody [march]
20. Blackalicious--sky is falling [mca]

21. Anti Pop Consortium--bubblz [warp]
22. Anti Pop Consortium--dead in motion [warp]
23. Interfearence--xtradition (zero db mix) [ubiquity]
24. Moreno Veloso--enquanto isso [palm pictures]
25. No Knife--the red bedroom [dim mak]

Saturday, April 13, 2002

program sixty-one
April 16, 2002

1. Co Real Artists--what about you (in the world today) [stones throw]
2. Mario Nascimbene--hot buns [emperor norton]
3. The Boris Gardener Happening--ghetto funk [blood and fire]
4. Masters of the Hemisphere--take time [kindercore]
5. Cub Country--st. louis [jade tree]

6. Pedro the Lion--second best [jade tree]
7. Elusive Audio--second best *w/ Aceyalone [nc clothing]
8. Jack Dangers--ritmos latinos [tino corp]
9. Antipop Consortium--bubblz [warp]
10. Barcelona--everything makes me think about sex [pulCec]

11. Sarah Shannon--down [casa]
12. Former Friend--i love this place [former friend]
13. Red House Painters--i am a rock [4ad]
14. Piebald--fear and loathing on cape cod [bwr]
15. The Gloria Record--cinema air [arena rock]

16. Red Five--rise
17. Phil Ranelin--sounds from the village *morgan geist mix [hefty]
18. Sonic Generation--funky solution [cookin']
19. Fridge--of [temporary residence]
20. The Princeton Reverbs Colonial--waves crash [dirigeable]

21. Duvall--standing at the door [double zero]
22. I Am The World Trade Center--metro *brooklyn mix [kindercore]
23. Antipop Consortium--dead in motion [warp]
24. Stereo Total--l'amour a 3 [bobsled]
25. Toog--mappemonde [le grand magistry]

26. Land of the Loops--single girl summer home [up/slabco]
27. Land of the Loops--multi-family garage sale [up]

Saturday, April 06, 2002

program number sixty
April 6, 2002

1. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion--she said [matador]
2. Eleni Mandell--pirate song [space baby]
3. Fussible--la ballena [nettwerk/sonic 360]
4. Stacey Pullen--liquid letter [ubiquity]
5. Sonic Torpedoes--chrome age [demo]

6. Mum--boycharge [klein]
7. Imperial Teen--ivanka [merge]
8. Barcelona--west coast radio [pulCec]
9. Orange Cake Mix--early morning mystic [north of january]
10. Slowdive--40 days [creation]

11. Mojave 3--who do you love [4ad]
12. Neil Halstead--see you on rooftops [4ad]
13. The Busy Signals--autopilot [sugar free]
14. Handsome Boy Modeling School--the projects [tommy boy]
15. Tosca--honey *supatone 1 dub [k7]

16. Seafood--cloaking [nettwerk]
17. Mike Felumlee--halfway [double zero]
18. Former Friend--we never said hello [demo]
19. The Mooney Suzuki--in a young man's mind [gammon]
20. GoGoGo Airheart--real live kill [gsl]

21. Model--the next move [cookin]
22. Buffalo Daughter--i [emperor norton]
23. Phil Ranelin--vibes from the tribe *nobody mix [hefty]
24. DJ Krush--candle chant [sony music japan]
25. Antibalas--hypocrite [ninja tune]