Tuesday, November 02, 2004

November 2, 2004

Z-Trip--for those about to vote *excerpt [djztrip.com]
Poster Children--clampdown [hidden agenda]
The Marlboro Chorus--you'll be a maze [future appletree]
The Futureheads--stupid & shallow [startime/sire]
The Futureheads--trying no to think about time [startime/sire]
The Explosion--deliver us [virgin]
Unkle--invasion [a&m]
Ulrich Schnauss--on my own [city centre/domino]

Racetrack--city lights [skrocki]
The Arcade Fire--neighborhood 3 (power out) [merge]
Dios Malos--starting five [startime]
Jon Sheffield--reaching kisses [notenuf]
Mouse On Mars--wipe that sound [thrill jockey]
Vast Aire--look mom...no hands [chocolate industries]
Dirty On Purpose--all new friends [self release]
Japancakes--keep drawing suns [warm]
Fingathing--lava [ninja tune]
.22--school song [roydale]
Isidore--musidora [brash]
Autolux--here comes everybody [dmz/red ink]

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