Tuesday, October 26, 2004

October 26, 2004

Mosquitos--sunshine barato [bar/none]
Arcade Fire--neighborhood 3 (power out) [merge]
Luna--speedbumps [jetset]
Kid Dakota--ivan [chair-kickers]
Saul Williams--list of demands (reparations) [fader]
Blendcrafters--melody [up above]
DJ Cam--ghetto supastar [inflammable]
Money Mark--three o'clock [chocolate industries]
Richard 'Dimples' Fields--finger lickin' good *greyboy mix cd [ubiquity]
Leroy and the Drivers--sad chicken *greyboy mix cd [ubiquity]
Nancy Sinatra--ain't no easy way [sanctuary]
Karate--tow truck [southern]
Man Man--10 lb. moustache [ace fu]
Sage Francis--slow down gandhi

Sagor & Swing--8 bitarspolskan [hapna]
Shur-I-Kan--swing out [freerange]
Kaskade--get busy [om]
Signer--hurricane or sunshine? [carpark]
Pinback--fortress [touch and go]
Saul Williams--black stacy [fader]
Rob Sonic--shoplift [definitive jux]
Automato--focus [coup de grace]
Machine Drum--babbling [merck]
Lateduster--keno [merck]
Charles Atlas--strategies for success boxes *pram mix [audraglint]
The Twilight Singers--hyperballad [one little indian]

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