Wednesday, November 17, 2004

November 16, 2004
w/special guest: DIOS MALOS

Ammoncontact--through the moon [plug research]
Ammoncontact--fun is for funky [plug research]
Maroons--ambush [quannum]
Rob Sonic--dylsexia [definitive jux]
Solex--hot diggetydog run run run [arena rock]
Racetrack--do your homework [skrocki]
Travis Morrison--born in '72 [barsuk]
The Futureheads--robot [startime/sire]
Augie March--little wonder [spinArt]
Dios Malos--all said and done [live on kuci]
Dios Malos--starting five [live on kuci]
Dios Malos--everyday [live on kuci]

Karp--prison shake [up]
Dios Malos--you make me feel uncomfortable [live on kuci]
Dios Malos--you got me all wrong [live on kuci]
Dios Malos--broken bones [live on kuci]
Pinback--fortress [touch and go]
Sons & Daughters--johnny cash [domino]
Karate--water [southern]
Walking Concert--what's your new thing [some]
Shots Fired--rob mcfiver
The Marlboro Chorus--you'll be a maze [future appletree]
Mouse On Mars--send me shivers [thrill jockey]
Matthew Dear--takes on you [spectral/ghostly]
Subtle--i heart l.a. [lex]

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