Tuesday, November 09, 2004

November 09, 2004
w/special guest: KASKADE

Kaskade--maybe [om]
Kaskade--sweet love *chill remix [om]
Ming + FS--misdirected [om]
Kaskade--stepping out *chill remix [om]
Kaskade--i like the way [om]
Kaskade--it's you, it's me [om]
Kaskade--strum [om]
Kaskade--meditation to the groove [om]
Kaskade--everything [om]

Solvent--operating ease [ghostly]
Dosh--dark lord of the rhodes [anticon]
Toyen--abc of love [racing junior]
Matthew Dear--but for you [ghostly]
Client--radio [mute]
Dios Malos--starting five [startime]
Jonny Polonsky--let me out [loveless]
Reeve Oliver--i want burns [militia group]
Arcade Fire--neighborhood 3 (power out) [merge]
Helium--hole in the ground [pop narcotic]
Maplewood--indian summer [tee pee]
Pinback--afk [touch and go]

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