Tuesday, October 05, 2004

October 5, 2004

Ulysses--push you away [eenie meenie]
Pinback--afk [touch and go]
Apostle Of Hustle--sleepwalking ballad [arts and crafts]
Hot Snakes--audit in progress [swami]
Poster Children--we don't need this facist groove thing [hidden agenda]
The Fall--sparta 2xx [narnack]
Sparklehorse & The Flaming Lips--Go [gammon]
Daniel Johnston--impossible love [gammon]
Paul Brill--weekend bender [scarlett shame]
Octet--hey bonus [plain]
Fila Brazillia--we build arks *q-burns abstract msg remix [eighth dimension]
Bloc Party--banquet *phones disco edit [dim mak]

Viva Voce--daylight [minty fresh]
The Cansecos--beyond the river [darla/upper class]
Fax vs. Pepito--una onda baja [darla/static discos]
Subtle--i love l.a. [lex]
Doppler--balada para no se quien [dopplermusik.com]
Mark Rae--mind, body, and soul [grand central]
Roy Porter--wavering *shades of grey mix [ubiquity]
McNeal & Niles--untitled [chocolate industries]
Solvent--operating ease [ghostly]
Dosh--simple exercises [anticon]
Color Wall--crush me [lazy susan]
yourcodenameis:milo--all roads to fault [beggars]
Hot Water Music--my little monkey wrench [epitaph]
William Shatner--together [shout]

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