Tuesday, October 19, 2004

October 19, 2004

Lusine--the stop [ghostly]
Fila Brazillia--we build arks *Q-Burns Abstract Message remix [eighth dimension]
Fila Brazillia--shellac [23)
Fax Vs. Pepito--una onda baja [darla]
Air--surfing on a rocket *nomo heroes remix [astralwerks]
Saturday Looks Good To Me--all over town [polyvinyl]
Ulysses--glacier [eenie meenie]
The Marlboro Chorus--you'll be a maze [future appletree]
The Rolling Blackouts--up up up [tru love/record collection]
Walking Concert--what's your new thing [some]
Autolux--blanket [dmz]
YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO--all roads to fault [beggars]
Uncut--understanding the new violence [paper bag]

The Crimea--lottery winners on acid [double dragon]
TV On The Radio--new health rock [touch and go]
Calamalka--ackee [plug research]
The Memory Band--catch as catch can [melodic]
James T. Cotton--press your body [spectral]
Bossacucanova--samba da minha terra [six degrees]
Black Francis--subbacultcha [spinART]
Frank Black--subbacultcha [spinART]
The Dears--we can have it [spinART]
Dillon Fence--collapsis [morisen]
Pinback--afk [touch and go]
Arcade Fire--neighborhood 2 laika [merge]
Puritan--leather pants [skinny chest]

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