Wednesday, January 29, 2003

program ninety-two
January 29, 2002
Special Guest: Steven of Slabco!

Bettie Serveert--smack [hidden agenda]
The Dining Rooms--invocation [guidance]
They Walk In Line--pension for fairfax [self release]
Draco--paprika [positive productions]
The Cannanes w/ Explosion Robinson--you name it [slabco]
Land of the Loops--eastes park [slabco]
Volume All*Star--girls town *dynomite d remix [slabco]
Sientific American--the flower sermon [slabco]
Sientific American--boost the mid-range [slabco]

Steven--kitkope [slabco]
Draco--scientifik longhair [positive productions]
Sukpatch--au pair [slabco]
Buckminster Fuzeboard--mrs. pretzel stretch [slabco]
Dynomite D--stick'em [slabco]
Analog Cabin--attack of the 50ft fat boys [slabco]
Explosion Robinson--down home [slabco]
Spoon--the way we get by [merge]
The Pixies--i've been waiting for you [4ad]
Songs:Ohia--didn't it rain [secretly canadian]
Her Space Holiday--hassle free harmony [tiger style]

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2.12 Books On Tape live in-studio

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