Wednesday, January 01, 2003

program eighty-eight
January 1, 2003

1. Mr. Fusion--fiona [demo]
2. Desaparecidos--man and wife, the former [saddle creek]
3. Seaweed--days missed dearly [mere exposure]
4. Arab Strap--the first big weekend [matador]
5. Antibalas w/ Jojo Quo--uprising parts 1 & 2 [harmless]

6. Books On Tape--sad song, winter version [deathbomb arc]
7. Add N to {X}--take me to your leader [mute]
8. Sybarite--renzo piano [4ad]
9. Graig Markel--hello hello [pattern 25]
10. True Love Always--sidewalks and spaces [teen beat]

11. The Streets--don't mug yourself [pure groove/atlantic]
12. The Paper Chase--i'm gonna spend the rest of my life lying [beatville]
13. Lee Fields--problems [soul fire]
14. Make Up--c'mon, let's spawn [k]
15. The Original Instrument--happy we do [kracfive]

16. Sad Like Crazy--wonderboy [ojet]
17. Boards of Canada--iced cooly [warp]
18. We Ragazzi--i want you 2 love me so much [self-starter foundation]
19. Theoretical Girls--u.s. millie [acute]
20. Ikara Colt--bishop's son [epitaph]

21. Utah Phillips--enola gay [rounder]
22. Meat Beat Manifesto--spinning round [run]
23. West Coast Revival--feelin' alright [ubiquity]
24. Holland--the lebanon [carrot top]
25. Aislers Set--friends of the heroes [slumberland]

26. Books On Tape--sporty but sensible car [deathbomb arc]
27. Stereotyperider--ones for you [suburban home]
28. The Belles--his undoing, was his undoing [lakeshore]
29. John Beltran--felicidad nova [ubiquity]

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