Wednesday, February 05, 2003

program ninety-three
February 5, 2003

Calla--strangler [arena rock]
Creeper Lagoon--there's a new girl [arena rock]
Books On Tape--sporty but sensible care [deathbomb arc]
Echoboy--automatic eyes [mute]
The Roots--rock you [mca]
Marie Queenie Lyons--your thing aint no good without my thing [ace]
Phil Parnell--git up [mantis]
The Rattlesnakes--i, explosion [localhost]
My Chemical Romance--honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us [eyeball]
Charlie Parker with Machito & His Afro Cuban Orchestra--mango mangue [smithsonian]
DJ Spectra--disco happening [s.h.a.d.o.]
The Magnetic Fields--i don't believe you [enchante]
Enon--window display [touch and go]
Year of the Rabbit--rabbit hole
Large Professor w/ Q-Tip--in the sun [matador]
Takagi Masakatsu--golden town with sunglasses [carpark]

next up:
2.12 Books On Tape
2.19 The Rattlesnakes

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