Wednesday, January 08, 2003

program eighty-nine
January 8, 2003
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Marie Queenie Lyons--your thing ain't no good without my thing [ace]
The Roots--rolling with heat [mca]
Daedelus--girls (featuring abstract rude & busdriver0 [plug research]
Charlene--sugarblocker [sharkattack!]
Books On Tape--sad song, winter version [deathbomb arc]
Cordero--hellfire [daemon]
Simian--sunshine [astralwerks]
His Name Is Alive--beech boys [4ad]
The Maybellines--wait for you [best friends]
Canyon--radio driver [gern blandsten]
Alex Gordon--oleander [tone casualties]
Marvin Gaye--hitch hike [motown]
Supersoul--klinga *push button objects remix [metatronix]

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