Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Demander--gmt [none]
Tullycraft--the punks are writing love songs [magic marker]
Pinback--from nothing to nowhere [touch and go]
Dust Galaxy--limitless [esl]
Japancakes--i only said [darla]
Neil Halstead--two stones in my pocket [4ad]
The Memory Band--catch as catch can [melodic]
Greyboy--ghetto boogie [ubiquity]
Tommy Guerrero--archaic days [galaxia]
Mocean Worker--i got you [mowo]
Quantic & Nickodemus--mi swing es tropical [tru thoughts]
The Herbaliser--take mary [ninja tune]

Daedelus--fair weather friends [ninja tune]
The Go! Team--doing it right [sub pop/memphis]
Stereo Total--ta voix au telephone [kill rock stars]
Animal Collective--peacebone [domino]
Beulah--emma blowgun's last stand [sugar free]
David Dondero--the prince william sound [team love]
Maritime--for science fiction [flameshovel]
Minus The Bear--burying luck [suicide squeeze]
Me & You--the hoop loop [tru thoughts]
The Quantic Soul Orchestra--lead us to the end [tru thoughts]
Underworld--crocodile [side one recordings]

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