Wednesday, June 16, 2004

June 16, 2004

Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician--talk to me [ubiquity]
Funkstorung--disconnected [K7]
Lansing-Dreiden--iv [kemado]
Brando--abby laine [recordhead/mr. whiggs]
Olympic Hopefuls--imaginary [2024]
n.Lannon--the catch [badman]
Film School--american turnip [metoo]
Languis--a simple thought [plug research]
Yesterday's New Quintet--visions [stones throw]
Yesterday's New Quintet--superwoman/where were you last winter [stones throw]
Ultralash--kitchen song [ficticious]

Passage--all the news that's fit to print [anticon]
St. Thomas--waltzing around insane [racing junior]
The Magnetic Fields--i don't really love you anymore [nonesuch]
Dykehouse--chain smoking [ghostly]
Death From Above--romantic rights *girls are short remix
Dizzee Rascal--fix up *ratatat remix [white label]
Lali Puna--micronomic [morr]
The Blam--caveat emptor [self release]
Sonic Youth--unmade bed [geffen]
Rachel Goswell--no substitute [4ad]
Dios--the uncertainty of how things are [startime]
The Paper Chase--said the spider to the fly [kill rock stars]
Pleasure Club--hey! hey! hey! [purified]
The Bronx--they will kill us all (without mercy) [white drugs]

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