Tuesday, June 01, 2004

June 1, 2004

Blockhead--carnivores unite [ninja tune]
The Gift Of Gab--stardust [quannum]
Yesterday's New Quintet--rocket love pt. 1 [stones throw]
Ratatat--seventeen years [xl/beggars]
Ratatat--missy elliot hot remix [white label]
RJD2--exotic talk [def jux]
Lansing-Dreiden--iv [kemado]
Two Lone Swordsmen--faux [warp]
Aveo--the idiot on the bike [barsuk]
Former Friend--a greener sunday [self-release]
Senor Happy--she's new [qdivision]
The Rodents--sometimes [demo]

Blue-Eyed Son--the tide [eenie meenie]
Flin Flon--bonaventure [teen beat]
Evelyn--so so fresh [teen beat]
+/- walk in a straight line [teen beat]
The New Year--chinese handcuffs [touch and go]
!!!--when the going gets tough, the tough get karazzee [touch and go]
Quantic--mishaps happening [ubiquity/tru thoughts]
John Arnold--inside *mr scruff remix [ubiquity]
Nobody--porpoise song *prefuse 73 mix [ubiquity]
Dykehouse--signal crossing [ghostly]
Kaskade--steppin' out [om]
The Somnambulants--comforts of absense [clairaudience collective]
Mum--weeping rock, weeping [fatcat/pias]
Rf--falls 2 [oddshapedcase.com]

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