Tuesday, June 08, 2004

June 8, 2004

Forum Band--be-bop convention theme [stones throw]
The Streets--fit but don't you know it [pure groove/679]
El Jefe--weather radio [zip]
Quantic--mishaps happening [ubiquity]
Sixtoo--chewing on glass [ninja tune]
Sixtoo--sidewinders [ninja tune]
Sixtoo--karmic retribution [ninja tune]
rf--bis [odd shaped case]
Matt Marque--by the way [truck stop]
Pedro The Lion--transcontinental [jade tree]
PJ Harvey--the letter [island]
The Soviettes--number one is #2 [adeline]
The Veils--the wild son [rough trade]
The Veils--more heat than light [rough trade]
The Delays--nearer than heaven [rough trade]
Breezy Porticos--gee your math looks terrific [best friends]

The Paper Chase--said the spider to the fly [kill rock stars]
Death From Above--track 4 [sound virus]
Inuit--pt. 1 a new beginning [compost]
Skalpel--high [ninja tune]
Puritan--leather pants [skinny chest]
Jesse Sykes--oh, my girl [barsuk]
Oxford Collapse--cumberland gap [kanine]
Pleasure Club--hey! hey! hey! [purified]
The Sultans--it meant nothing [swami]
Hot Snakes--suicide invoice [swami]
Lemon Jelly--spacewalk
Red Letter Agent--tonight [self release]

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