Wednesday, February 12, 2003

program ninety-four
february 12, 2003
**Special Guest: Books On Tape

Marumari--saka [carpark]
Flunk--honey's in love [guidance]
The Postal Service w/ The Shins--we will become silhouettes [sub pop]
Books On Tape--see you in toyko {live on kuci}
Books On Tape--church bus {live on kuci}
Books On Tape--bicycle beat {live on kuci}
Books On Tape--sad song, winter version {live on kuci}
Liars--grown men don't fall into the river just like that [mute]
Daedelus w/ Busdriver--quiet now [plug research]
Mr. Mixel Pixel--cyclone took my baby [mental monkey]
Mike Patton--ford mustang [tzadik]

Books On Tape--the contenders {live on kuci}
Books On Tape--my heart is pure like tapwater {live on kuci}
Books On Tape--dance of the drums cadets {live on kuci}
Books On Tape--wake up call {live on kuci}
Joseph Malik--to know you is to love you [ubiquity]
Summer At Shatter Creek--the essence of time [absolutely kosher]
I Am The World Trade Center--prettybaby [kindercore]
The Rattlesnakes--no good [localhost]
Dabrye--d-town tabernacle choir [eastern developments]
Vecchio--nsambei [harmless]

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