Saturday, July 02, 2011

w/ Martina

boots electric - boots electric theme - honkey kong**
fleet foxes - the plains/bitter dancer - helplessness blues**
i'm from barcelona - charlie parker - forever today
the crabs - february 15th - what were flames now smolder
yacht - summer city - anthony
blonde summer - silver jesus - eleganza
bb king - riding with the king - riding with the king
beatle-ettes - only seventeen
jeff the brotherhood - bummer - we are the champions
francoise hardy - ettones-moi, benoit
elizabeth mitchell and daniel littleton - you are my sunshine - sing along with putumayo
bon iver - towers - bon iver**
the womabts - schumacher the champagne -the modern glitch**
bonnie "prince" billy and the cairo gang - go folks, go - the wonder show of the world

cracked out - number song
dale earnhardt jr jr - vocal chords - it's a corporate world
deerhoof - my purple past - offend maggie
beachwood sparks - sing your thoughts - make the cowboy robots cry
sleighbells - a/b machines - treats
t. rex - teenage dream
hungry kids of hungary - you aint always right
dirty projectors - spray paint (the walls) - rise above
camera obscura - french navy
mazes - bowie knives - a thousand heys
st. vincent - out of work actor - actor
beach fossils - fall right in - what a pleasure
dum dum girls - blank girl - i will be
givers - ceiling of plankton - in light

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