Saturday, July 23, 2011


Kids on a Crime Spree--sweet tooth [slumberland]
Minibikes--kill to feel [none]
Thurston Moore--benediction [matador]
Anna Morley--easy does it [none]
Pajama Club--tell me what you want [lester]
The Ettes--excuse [krian]
Art Brut--clever clever jazz [cooking vinyl]
Stornoway--zorbing [4ad]
Ty Segall--i can't feel it [drag city]
The Loud Family--soul drain [alias]
The Sky Drops--explain it to me [custom made]
Smashing Orange--the way that I love you [mca]
Mazes--surf & turf/maths tag [fat cat]
13 & God--its own sun [anticon]

Amon Tobin--goto 10 [ninja tune]
Ursula 1000--mondo beyondo [esl]
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour--the golden age
Kick Drums--perfect world [last gang]
Let's Wrestle--if i keep on loving you [merge]
Rival School--wring it out [photo finish]
Brothers of Brazil--samba around the clock [sideonedummy]
Japanese Pop Stars--let go [astralworks]
Matthew Dear--slowdance *bear in heaven remix [ghostly]
The Echocentrics--jardim [ubiquity]
Charles Bradley--heart of gold [daptone]
Explosions in the Sky--trembling hands [temporary residence]
Tomorrows Tulips--eternally teenage [galaxia]
Glasser--home [true panther]
Speak--carrie [modern art/ilg]
Miles Tilmann--the quickest way [six]

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