Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Mattson 2--longing of the leftist [brushfire/galaxia]
It Hugs Back--rehearsal [4ad]
Casper & The Cookies--split [hhbtm]
Nous Non Plus--french teacher [aeronaut]
Fort Knox Five--how to start a band *torpedo boys remix [fort knox]
The BPA--should i stay or should i blow [southern fried]
Peter Project--fair and square [fuzzy logic]
Negativeland presents Thigmotactic--basketball plant [seeland]
The Vox Jaguars--wild orphan [anodyne]
Gluons w/Allen Ginsberg--sue your parents [smooch]
Bum Kon--nancy reagan fashion show [smooch]
Mika Miko--turkey sandwich [ppm]
Comet Gain--books of california [what's your rupture]
My Education--aria [strange attractors]

Vetiver--you may be blue [brushfire/dicristina stair builders]
Zee Avi--just you and me [brushfire]
Nouvelle Vague--master and servant [peacefrog]
Dean & Britta--friday i'm in love [american laundromat]
Blaqk Audio--no new tale to tell [justice]
White Lies--death *crystal castles remix [fiction]
Bibio--jealous of roses [warp]
The Whitefield Brothers--rampage [now again]
Rebotini--the spirit of boogie [citizen]
Andy Hunter--smile feat. midge ure [nettwerk]
The Crystal Method--slipstream feat. jason lytle [tiny e]
Yacht--summer song [dfa]
Fatai Rolling Dollar--she go run away [mulatta]
Tommy Guerrero--no time for time [brushfire]

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